On-Demand Webinar

Delivering a Connected, Smart, and Seamless Student Experience

Student expectations for digital experience are higher than ever and extend well beyond the classroom. But many institutions fall short of expectations with their technology investments. For example, 65% of students log into 3 or more campus systems to access their information. Why? Higher education institutions are rife with manual or disconnected processes to prepare, sign, act on, and manage critical agreements like applications, financial aid forms, and student service requests. These disconnected and manual processes introduce friction to the student experience, and add administrative burden.

Leading institutions are implementing a modern, connected system of agreement to accelerate the agreement process, delight students, faculty and administrators, and boost operational efficiency.  Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how.

Topics include:

  • Evolving your technology strategy to improve student and faculty engagement and enhance productivity.
  • How organizations like Georgetown, UC Boulder and UNLV have successfully implemented modern, connected systems of agreement
  • Demo of Docusign Agreement Cloud for Higher Education

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