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Beyond the Basics: Capturing Consent with DocuSign Click

Your customers are engaging with you online more than ever now - whether it’s signing up for your new business service or making an online purchase. Before this happens, you’ll most likely need to capture customer consent to your standard terms and agreements, such as your terms-and-conditions, privacy policy, or disclosures. 

A fast and secure way to capture agreement from a prospect or customer online is through a “clickwrap”. This is a simple method for indicating agreement to a set of terms by clicking on “I Agree” or a similar process within an online document. 

However, for growing businesses, managing these clickwrap agreements can be quite complex. In fact, companies who don’t capture consent today or don’t have the proper clickwrap processes in place can open themselves up to legal risk. 

Register and watch to hear how customers are using DocuSign Click to improve their digital customer experience, securely capture customer consent and minimize their legal risk. 

In this 45-minute on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How you can accelerate the speed of conducting business online 
  • Best practices to improve your digital customer experience 
  • How you can securely capture customer consent online with DocuSign Click


  • Yasmin Siddiqui, Vice President of Finance, Narrative/IO
  • Alex Tytus, Area Vice President, SMB Sales, DocuSign
  • Julianne Wu, Sr. Director, Product Management, DocuSign

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