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Accelerate Your Sales Processes with DocuSign, Copper and G Suite

Sales teams that have to perform manual tasks, such as entering data into CRM systems, end up wasting precious time that could be spent on closing deals. Instead they are finding that deals take longer to close. Additionally, human error is introduced to the process and customers are left frustrated while having to wait for their final, error - free agreements.

With the combination of DocuSign, G Suite and our new product integration, DocuSign for Copper CRM, sales teams can close more deals faster by sending and tracking signed documents, agreements or contracts directly from Copper.

The Copper + DocuSign integration makes it simpler to upload contact details, apply document templates and send agreements for e-signatures through DocuSign in just a few clicks.

By being fully embedded into Gmail we try to make your sales processes simpler. Join this live webinar and enable your sales reps to:

  • Auto-pull in contact details and file information
  • Choose recipients and assign signing roles from inside Copper.
  • Auto populate document templates based on the information you can pull through Copper +DocuSign’s artificial intelligence
  • Keep Track of your Document status in Copper
  • Store all related documents sent via DocuSign to relevant accounts and contacts.

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