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3 Steps to Faster Client Onboarding and Improved Advisor Productivity

The wealth management industry is in the midst of a significant change—with evolving client demographics, renewed demand for digital client interactions and an intensifying focus on compliance regulations. Paperwork, manual processes and workflows slow down advisors and distract them from focusing on what matters most—their clients. As an advisor, you need to win this multi-front war and remain competitive—by balancing compliance-friendly systems with elegant, digital agreements.

Watch this webinar recording and discover ways to digitize and automate the entire agreement process, from preparing the agreement to managing it in the future. The solutions presented address both compliance and customer experience problems for the wealth management industry with an intuitive, cloud-based interface for customers and a powerful platform for advisors that decreases the costs of compliance. Join our experts and learn how to simplify each step of the agreement process:

  • Prepare: Faster, more accurate document preparation
  • Sign: Get signatures quickly and securely
  • Manage: Maintain and access your audit trail for regulators

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