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Save hours dealing with email + complete deals faster with DocuSign & Folio

DocuSign is the #1 solution for e-signature in real estate and DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud is purpose built for real estate transactions. Much of its success comes from the fact that it’s just so easy to sign documents via DocuSign. But did you know that Docusign can be even easier, faster, and more integrated into your real estate business when you use Folio by Amitree?

DocuSign has partnered with Folio by Amitree to offer a seamless contract signing experience early in the closing process, one that auto-populates the people you need to have sign the document and saves you from the tedious copy/pasting. With DocuSign and Folio by Amitree, agents get deals signed quicker -- and have more time to build relationships that matter and close business.

This webinar will cover these features but also show you how to save hours of time per week not just on e-signature, but in managing all the back and forth during transactions.

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Webinar Date: 
October 22, 2019 - 10:00 AM PDT

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