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Streamline your proposal process, and get right to work

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Use a template to send proposals for online signing, free

You can save time and money by using a template for the proposals you need to submit for online signing. Get your proposal out for signing faster, and beat the competition while making sure to include the content and legalese you need to have every time, by starting with a proposal template. For many small businesses, creating a proposal is the most onerous part of the job. But you need to get your proposal in front of a potential client quickly so you don’t lose business. Streamline this task by using a proposal template.

Create a proposal template and send it for signing, for free by registering for a trial version of DocuSign.

Should I use a proposal document, work with a proposal template, or create a proposal document from a proposal template?

It all depends on how often you need to send a proposal. If you only need to send one proposal, upload your proposal document in DocuSign and go from there. If you need to send proposals out regularly, create a proposal template. Once you’ve created a template, start with that template to create a specific proposal document for a particular job or project.

Create a proposal template

If you regularly need to send out proposals for online signing, use DocuSign to create a template with boilerplate text and fields for your basic content. With templates, you can add specific names, just as you do when you create a regular document, or you can designate a placeholder role. For example, instead of a person’s name, specify a role, like the role of the person who would regularly participate in the transaction. Once you have the template, use it to generate an individual document and then customize that document per the project requirements.

How to create a proposal template and send a proposal for online signing:

Step 1. Register for a free trial at DocuSign, and then log in.

Step 2. Go to the Templates tab, and click New Template.

Step 3. Upload the proposal document from your computer or from the cloud. This becomes the basis of your new proposal template.

Step 4. Enter your proposal recipients (either a particular person or a placeholder), add a standard message to accompany the proposal, and drop tags where recipients need to sign. Click Save and Close, and the template is ready to use.

Step 5. When you want to send a proposal document, start with your template, update the placeholder fields for the project, make any specific changes you need, and then click Send. 

Collect proposal signatures and payments at the same time

Often, you need to collect a partial or full payment when a proposal is accepted. The DocuSign Payments feature allows you to collect payments from your customers when they sign. With the paid version of DocuSign, just drop a tag into your proposal where you want to collect the payment. Your customers can pay with a credit card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.

DocuSign’s features for proposal template creation and online signature gathering

DocuSign’s placeholder fields make it easy for you to specify the information (such as the recipients and other details) for a specific project proposal, so you can quickly input the right details and hit Send. Beat the competition, get your proposal sent and signed, and collect a payment—DocuSign makes it easy.

Use the paid version of DocuSign to:

  • Create and send proposals, and collect payments—from anywhere, on any device.
  • Save time by leveraging boilerplate proposal text and messages, and help ensure accuracy with placeholder fields.
  • Trust that your online proposal delivery is backed by the most stringent U.S., EU, and global security standards.
  • Verify the identity of your signers, with advanced authentication.
  • Get rid of printing and delivery costs.
  • Impress prospects with a streamlined and personally branded solution for sharing and signing.