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North Carolina Electronic Notarization Solution Provider

For more information regarding eNotarization in North Carolina contact:

The Electronic Notary Public Section
North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State
P.O. Box 29626
Raleigh, North Carolina 27626-0626
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Contact Information

DocuSign, Inc.
221 Main Street
Suite 1000
San Francisco, CA 94105
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Types of Customers Serviced

DocuSign Electronic Notary is a specific type of witnessed, in-person signing event. It serves as a powerful form of authentication for certain transactions that require a notary. Selected at the start of a transaction, a document sender selects a specific electronic notary to participate in the signing process. DocuSign users will be able to view standard information such as name and address as well as jurisdiction and a notary’s Commission ID. The notary and signer then meet in person to complete the transaction.

The notary authenticates the signer just as they would today, the signer DocuSigns the documents, and the notary applies an electronic notary seal using DocuSign. The whole process, a transaction that could have taken days or hours, finishes in a matter of minutes. Any notary fees are handled directly between the notary and the signer

Use DocuSign Electronic Notary for:

  • Estates and Deeds
  • Foreign and international business
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Affidavits
  • Statutory declarations
  • Witness for and authentication of the execution of documents
  • Acknowledgments of deeds
  • Protest notes
  • Bills of exchange

Product Information

DocuSign helps your world work better with the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud.
It's the global standard for electronic signature

  • More than 50 million DocuSigners have signed more than 290 million documents in more than 188 countries
  • Nearly 50,000 unique new DocuSigners DocuSign for the first time every weekday
  • 51% of DocuSign documents are completed within 1 hour
  • More than 800,000 documents (containing more than 3.6 million pages) are DocuSigned on the DocuSign Global Network each day
  • Employees at 90% of the Fortune 500 use DocuSign
  • More than 500 credit unions nationwide use DocuSign
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Solution Costs

DocuSign’s basic fee structure for Electronic Notary is:

  • Electronic Notaries ($0)
  • Electronic Notaries are required to create and maintain DocuSign Accounts, but are not required to pay a fee to do so.
  • Electronic Notaries in North Carolina must be active and commissioned within North Carolina. Please visit for more information.
  • Document Signers ($0)
  • Signers are not charged when they are required to sign a document within the presence of an electronic notary. Signers may have to pay a fee to the notary, but that takes place outside of DocuSign.
  • Document Senders ($ Varies)
  • Senders are charged for the use of Electronic Notary functionality. Charges vary as per the table below. Please contact DocuSign for details.
Type Fee
License DocuSign Electronic Notary is a feature bundled with various DocuSign plans, including Enterprise, Business, and Real Estate Office
Software DocuSign is a hosted solution that works within all modern browsers. No software installation is required.
Hardware DocuSign is a hosted solution that works on all modern devices. No special hardware is required.
Support DocuSign offers a wealth of free online support for all customers, and paid “top tier” support for certain plans.
Transaction Senders may pay an additional fee for every transaction using the Electronic Notary feature.
Shipping N/A
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Purchase Information

Electronic Notaries can create free trial accounts via:

Senders can create free trial accounts via:

Senders can explore plans and pricing, and contact DocuSign Sales, via:

System Requirements

DocuSign is a hosted (SaaS) solution that works on all modern browsers and devices.

Processor N/A
OS Windows and Mac
Memory N/A
Disk Space N/A
Display N/A

For the most up-to-date specifications, please see:

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