DocuSign Electronic Notary

DocuSign Electronic Notary is a specific type of witnessed, in-person signing event. It serves as a powerful form of authentication for certain transactions that require a notary. Selected at the start of a transaction, a document sender selects a specific electronic notary to participate in the signing process. DocuSign users will be able to view standard information such as name and address as well as jurisdiction and a notary’s Commission ID. The notary and signer then meet in person to complete the transaction.

The notary authenticates the signer just as they would today, the signer DocuSigns the documents, and the notary applies an electronic notary seal using DocuSign. The whole process, a transaction that could have taken days or hours, finishes in a matter of minutes. Any notary fees are handled directly between the notary and the signer.

If you are a certified electronic notary, you just need to sign up for DocuSign account, and add your information into DocuSign preferences. As of September 2013, DocuSign Electronic Notary is available in the State of North Carolina, and will soon expand to other states. Learn more about becoming an electronic notary.

Use DocuSign Electronic Notary for:

  • Estates and Deeds
  • Foreign and international business
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Affidavits
  • Statutory declarations
  • Witness for and authentication of the execution of documents
  • Acknowledgments of deeds
  • Protest notes
  • Bills of exchange