DocuSign enables eSignatures on iPads

how to Electronically sign on iPadEsigning documents on an iPad is a trend that's accelerating. Since customers expect to do business online from any device, adopting mobile eSignatures on iPads gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses. When you put your business at customers’ fingertips with mobile electronic signatures, you capture more opportunities and accelerate the pace of your business. 

Signing on an iPad is efficient, convenient, and fast. And, it can be just as secure as using a PC or laptop. The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) helps keep your online signature secure on all devices, including iPads.

How to electronically sign on iPads:

Creating and signing with a digital signature on an iPad is similar to how you would sign on any other device:

  1. Preview the attachment you need to sign in your mail app.
  2. Click on the toolbox icon. Then, go to markup preview and tap the signature button.
  3. Use the touch screen to sign the document. Then, tap done.
  4. Tap where the signature belongs in the document. Click done again.
  5. Reply to the email and the sender will receive your signed attachment.

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