Esign On iPad

Quick Tip- eSign on an iPad

One of the many conveniences of eSignature is that you can sign documents on your iPad. If you're away from your computer for travel, family events, or any reason at all, but you have your iPad handy, there's no reason to miss that crucial signing.

Download the DocuSign mobile app for your specific mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8 or Windows Phone) and sign in using the same credentials you use for your existing DocuSign account or create an account directly from the app home screen. Once you have successfully logged in, choose "Sign & Send" from the top left navigation bar and then tap "Add" to select your document. Tap the "Sign now" option. Then you tap, hold, and drag a tag from the Signature Tag bar at the top onto the document below. (You'll have an option to draw or import your signature from DocuSign Ink Capture or from Photos, if you haven't already created one.) Finally, tap "Finish" in the upper right-hand corner and choose how to return the signed document: email, save to DocuSign, or save to third party cloud storage. Select one, and you're done!

If you're one of several signers, or if you're a sender and need to set the system up for more than one person to sign, the clear prompts will take you along the correct path.

Signing documents on your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows8 or Windows Phone, gives you increased flexibility, especially when you're on the go – and with DocuSign, you get the same legal, secure delivery of documents that you're accustomed to enjoying on your computer.

For more details about using DocuSign on your iPad, see


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