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Electronic Signature Authentication

Electronic Signature Authentication to Check Authenticity of Signer and Document

DocuSign’s electronic signatures use many levels of authentication to assurance the authenticity of both the signer and the document.

Signing a document with DocuSign is completely secure, because you get, online storage, a number of authentication processes and an audit trail that will verify the signer’s identity. DocuSign electronic signatures offer most authentication options including:

  • Signer’s authentication: The person who signs the document cannot sign the document without proper authorization. It also signifies the documents integrity
  • Document authentication: Ensures that the document or signature cannot be easily altered. In case anyone has tampered with the document, the signature is invalid.
  • Electronic signatures and PKI – PKI or the Public Key Infrastructure is the most common digital signature technology. In PKI both public key and private key ensuring the authenticity of the document. Apart from that you need a certification authority or CA, to issue electronic "certificates" attesting to the validity of the keys
  • Email Authentication: Validates the signer’s email address based on which access is granted
  • SMS Authentication: A password is sent to the phone number selected by the signer that is used for accessing the document for signing.

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