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You just got an email requesting that you electronically sign a PDF document and you have questions:

Electronic signatures are modernizing the process of signing a contract or other type of agreement. They are legal, enforceable and are becoming more of a standard way to execute agreements.  Electronic signatures can be applied to many different file types including PDFs, Microsoft Word documents and even image files.

DocuSign eSignature is the #1 way to sign and send documents. Always free to signers, DocuSign is the global leader in electronic signatures with hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries worldwide. Send a document from Paris, sign it in Tokyo, and close business in minutes. With DocuSign eSignature, you can electronically sign agreements from almost anywhere, on most devices.


Why use DocuSign eSignature to sign a PDF?

Signing with DocuSign eSignature is faster, safer and more accessible than using traditional signatures created with a pen on paper. DocuSign eSignature ensures the highest levels of enforceability with eSignature. Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and most countries around the world. The ESIGN Act of 2000 defined the legality and enforceability of electronic signatures across all 50 states. The ESIGN Act ensures that contracts and signatures cannot be denied validity or enforceability because they are in electronic form. Not all e-signature solutions are created equal. DocuSign is the first company to warrant federal ESIGN and UETA Act compliance.


Easily add an electronic signature to a PDF or other document type using DocuSign eSignature:

  1. Sign in to your DocuSign eSignature account on your desktop or use one of our online signature apps
  2. Click “sign a document now” to upload the document
  3. Drag and drop your online signature
  4. Send it to your signer
  5. The document is automatically saved for your records