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eSignature | Multi-channel Delivery

Speed up business by meeting signers where they are

Accelerate signatures by delivering agreements with real-time SMS or WhatsApp notifications.

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  • Close business faster

    Deliver real-time notifications via SMS or WhatsApp to signers’ mobile devices with a direct link to complete the document.

  • Differentiate your experience

    Enhance your organization's competitive edge by prioritizing a mobile-friendly, engaging signing experience tailored to your customers' preferred communication platform.

  • Reach more signers

    Notify signers via the most widespread mobile messaging channels, including WhatsApp, the most popular messaging tool in 100+ countries.

Docusign WhatsApp integration

Your global customers are on WhatsApp. Your agreements should be too.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in over 100 countries, so many of your customers probably use it already.

WhatsApp messages have a 98%+ open rate and 40%+ response rate, compared to a 20% open rate and 6% response rate for email.*

Docusign SMS UI

Meet customer preferences with SMS delivery

Many people are overwhelmed by their email inboxes. Sending agreements via SMS can help you stand out and help your agreements get signed. Agreements sent via SMS get completed 65% faster than agreements sent via email.**

Learn about all available eSign features

Ready to meet your signers where they are with multi-channel delivery experiences?

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