Wooing new hires: How Docusign helps HR and recruitment teams elevate the candidate experience

As the dust settles following a recent jobs boom, it’s the ideal time for HR professionals to reflect on the candidate experience. What works? What needs improving? Is there anything you can change to give your organisation the very best chance of luring the best talent through the door?

To nail the candidate experience, every moment in the candidate’s journey needs to be polished to perfection. A positive experience pays off, with candidates more likely to accept job offers, reapply for new positions if they’re unsuccessful with their current application, and refer your place of work to friends. 

On the flip side, almost half (42%) of candidates won’t apply for a position at your company if they’ve had a bad experience with you, and one in five (22%) will go out of their way to tell peers not to apply, too. Ouch.

Let’s look at ways you can put a gloss on two critical stages in the candidate journey – sending a letter of offer, and onboarding a new hire – by seamlessly adding eSignature to your workflows. First, here’s a video that shows how easy it is to tackle these tasks.

As the video demonstrates, sending a letter of offer using Docusign eSignature is quick and easy for both you and your potential employee. Candidates love the convenience – they get an instant SMS notification, can open up the offer on their phone, and can use responsive signing to review and accept it right away. Bonus points if they do it all while they’re out having a coffee with a friend, as it means they’ve got someone to celebrate with right away.

While this mobile signing experience may seem unremarkable in this modern era, just consider the other alternatives (which many businesses still use). Sending an email – which asks them to print, scan and send back a signed agreement – puts the onus on them to get up from their coffee date and go find a printer. Asking them to come back into the office to sign the document takes time out of their precious day. 

Sometimes, unremarkable means seamless. And that’s a good thing because it subtly shows that you’re making life as easy as possible for the candidate, even before they’ve started working for you.

Same goes for onboarding. With eSignature, you can send all the paperwork – like payroll, super, and tax forms – in one envelope. Your new hire can easily open and complete it all online, signing right in the document and quickly sending the info back. If they miss something, it’s instantly flagged to avoid annoying back-and-forth messages. 

This seamless process not only makes life easier for new hires (and makes them more excited about joining your company), but it also frees up your HR team’s time. Plus, it provides clear visibility into the status of each new hire’s onboarding journey. 

Offboarding is just as easy using Docusign. You can send departing employees their exit forms, NDAs and other documents through eSignature, with all completed documents automatically returned to your central repository. 

Learn more about the benefits of Docusign for HR. To get started, reach out to our sales team.