Bulk Send allows you to send one document to many people at the same time

If your company relies on high-volume communications with your employees and customers, DocuSign’s Bulk Send feature can dramatically simplify your business processes, saving you time and money. Simply import a list of signers, and each receives a unique copy of the document to sign—eliminating the need to create and send separate envelopes.

Bulk send

Bulk Send is essential for high-volume distribution of:


  • Asset identification
  • Class action lawsuit documentation
  • Employee policy and other HR updates
  • Homeowner Association tenant forms
  • Payment verification forms
  • W-4 forms

How does Bulk Send work?


Step 1 thumbnail

Step 1

Upload your document into DocuSign, and use tags to specify what information you need from your signers.

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Step 2

Create a .CSV file with the contact information of everyone who needs to receive a copy of the document, and upload into DocuSign.

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Step 3

Send the document to everyone on the list. Each of them receives a unique copy to sign and return.