Webinar Series: Digital Day - fast, straight-forward signing to negotiating with the power of AI

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Wanting to get started at streamline your admin, saving time and business? This Digital Day we'll look at fast, straight-forward signing all the way through to negotiating with the power of AI. Watch any of the free sessions on-demand. 

Intro to eSignature 

Do admin tasks like file storage, chasing unpaid invoices and contracts take up way too much of your time? There’s a simpler and faster way. Discover Docusign eSignature, an electronic signing solution that accelerates agreements, eliminates manual tasks, and makes it easy to connect with the tools and systems you’re already using.

In this 45-minute webinar:

  • Learn how you can save up to £30 per document by going paperless by digitalising your agreement processes to streamline your business-critical workflows.
  • See Docusign eSignature in action in a live demo
  • Q&A with experts

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Optimise your full contract lifecycle with The Docusign Agreement Cloud

An agreement is what enables business to move forward between organisations and their employees, partners, and customers. They are found throughout every organisation, in every department. Now, with the Docusign Agreement Cloud, you can eliminate paper, automate the process and connect to the other systems you already use.

In this 45-minute webinar:

  • See how you can eliminate your paper-based outdated agreement methods for an integrated streamlined agreement process that will minimise your time and errors, and deliver a better experience for your customers and employees
  • Find out about the 350+ pre-built integrations that work with organisations of every size, type, and industry, so you can process what you need to do, faster, with less frustration and no mistakes.
  • See the Agreement Cloud in action
  • Q&A with experts

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Everything you need to know about the legality of electronic signatures 

Do you like the idea of reducing your admin time, doing business faster, saving money and reducing risk? This is all possible with Docusign eSignature. There are often many questions surrounding the legality of electronic signatures, when they can be used and are they legally binding.

In this 45-minute on-demand webinar we'll show you how electronic signatures work, why they are more secure than wet signatures, and how to ensure the legal validity of your agreements:

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Docusign Analyzer: negotiate with the power of AI

Every incoming agreement carries risk—that’s why contracts need to be carefully reviewed and negotiated before you sign. But an inefficient manual review process leads to business delays, high costs, and a poor negotiation experience for all involved.

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll discuss how Docusign is transforming agreement review and negotiation with AI-powered contract analytics. You’ll see how to power your negotiations with: 

  • Automated contract clause and term extraction
  • In-depth risk scorecards based on your own legal and business policies
  • Single-click access to recommended replacement language for streamlined editing

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