The Top 3 Electronic Signature Add-Ons our Customers Buy

Docusign customers have been harnessing electronic signature add-ons to accelerate their digital transformation. Electronic signature add-ons can help organisations to improve efficiency, scale rapidly, increase security and mitigate risk. All of which are vital in today’s increasingly competitive environment. In this article, we highlight our customer's favourite eSignature add-ons, what they are and why it’s beneficial for your organisation to adopt them. 

What are our customers’ top 3 electronic signature add-ons?

Docusign eSignature has several advanced features and functionalities that help customers in different ways, whether they are looking to further accelerate their business, minimise risk, or streamline operations. 

Docusign eSignature has a number of different admin tools and add-ons that help customers. Three of the top electronic signature add-ons are SMS Delivery, Single Sign-On and our many integrations with leading tools and solutions worldwide. 

These eSignature premium features can streamline how you work. Here’s more on the benefits and uses of each of those. 

SMS Delivery

What is SMS Delivery?

SMS Delivery allows you to deliver important documents and messages via mobile as a text message. For years, organisations have been using email to send important documents, but SMS Delivery offers a faster way to reach signers. A global study found that customers are 2.5 times more likely to prefer SMS notifications over email for important documents

All you need to use this is your Docusign account, the signer’s email address and their phone number. Many of our customers leverage both email and real-time SMS notifications to increase response rates and get documents signed quickly without getting lost in email. Here’s more on eSignature SMS Delivery.  

There are many use cases for SMS delivery. For example, HR teams often use SMS delivery to send onboarding documents to new hires, and in banking, SMS delivery is often used for new account openings or loan applications. 

Single Sign-On

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) streamlines the process of managing users’ access to your Docusign account. It empowers your admin team to view and secure all your users' access from one control point. With the Docusign Access Management with Single Sign-On feature, you can increase security by controlling how your employees access and interact with Docusign eSignature. Managing security settings across multiple accounts can be an administrative challenge and lead to greater risks. With Docusign Access Management, you can set up and manage SSO at a global level to control all your Docusign accounts. 

Poor password maintenance can be a major cause of cybersecurity risks such as data breaches, and many users have a habit of using the same password across multiple accounts. SSO helps organisations avoid this risk by granting access to users based on established credentials, making your accounts more secure. For example, suppose every user at a company has an email address at the domain By proving ownership of, an administrator can manage the identity of all Docusign users on that email domain. 

Docusign Connectors

Docusign eSignature integrates with global leading systems of record (CRM, ERP, HCM) and offers a rich integration, so your teams do not waste time updating contract data manually, as these are automatically populated from the systems and tools they work in every day, like Salesforce CRM or Workday. Having Docusign eSignature embedded helps you to further accelerate your business and maximise on your teams’ efficiency.  

Ready to take your eSignature journey to the next level? Get up and running fast with our Onboarding Services

Our customers get up and running with Docusign eSignature with help from a Docusign expert - you can get a personalised set-up for your organisation to help you maximise your use of eSignature from day one. Our customers say they are able to realise value quickly with adoption, learning and support services tailored to their needs. 

Docusign has over 1000 customer success experts. 

Having a Docusign expert that’s ‘done it before’ gave us comfort because we knew we had the support to roll this out and be successful the first time around.
Richard Bullock
Global Product Manager

Organisations can realise value faster by leveraging the deep expertise, guidance and support of our customer success experts. 

Using Docusign eSignature has already saved valuable time that would otherwise have been spent distributing documents for wet signature. And what's more, you know where and with whom the document to be signed is at all times.
Marc Hofmann
Head of Subsidiary Management
Mast-Jägermeister SE