The 'new normal' and what it means for how we work


The 'new normal' and what it means for how we work

The impact of COVID-19 is likely to be with us for far longer than just the lockdown period - and will bring many changes to our lives. This is sure to affect both our professional and private lives, and not only where but how we work.

As entire workforces are adapting to remote working and organisations are reassessing processes, we want to support businesses to continue moving and functioning effectively. On  Thursday 14th May, we are hosting Momentum Live Europe 2020, an event that will focus on what matters most; helping every business and every individual adapt and overcome this crisis. 

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While it is unsure what the lasting impact of COVID-19 will be on the world, here is what businesses are doing to adapt to ‘new normal’:

1. eSignature 

In order for business to occur, agreements need to be signed. With entire workforces now working remotely, the traditional wet signature is defunct. It is no longer possible to pop into an office with a stack of papers and say, “please sign here, here…and here.”

Fortunately Docusign eSignature can be enabled quickly to support remote working. It provides you with the freedom to electronically sign and return documents from almost anywhere in the world, using practically any device.

Docusign eSignature:

  • is safe and secure
  • is legally binding 
  • creates a clear, digital audit trail
  • improves time management and efficiency

Throughout this crisis, we have seen the positive impact that eSignature can have.  We are helping hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers avoid physically circulating paper among patients and healthcare workers. Explore how Docusign eSignature is supporting all types of businesses on our dedicated COVID-19 page

2. Bulk sending 

Docusign Bulk Send is a feature within eSignature that has been crucial during this crisis. It has the powerful ability to let you easily send the same document to thousands of recipients to ask them to eSign a document. This has been really important for many organisations. For instance, financial institutions in the UK have had to meet customer demand in CBILS loan-applications, which has meant bulking sending loan agreements. 

3. Identify

A key solution during this time is Docusign Identify. It provides options for enhanced identification of parties to a transaction, including checking government photo IDs and European eIDs—all done remotely. 

We are currently supporting different businesses, including financial-services organisations who execute high-value, highly regulated transactions that have traditionally involved in-person identification and signing. By implementing Docusign Identify, these organisations (among others) have been able to authorise identification and keep business moving. 

4. Contract Lifecycle Management

The lifecycle before and after signature is often managed through manual processes. With employees working remotely this becomes more complicated as many don’t have access to printers and scanners. Docusign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) allows organisations to streamline the agreement lifecycle by transforming analogue manual processes into a digital automated workflow. 

This solution has been a blessing to businesses during this time as they are able to negotiate and approve agreement changes easily and remotely. Vitally, Docusign CML: 

  • accelerates the pace of doing business 
  • increases compliance
  • Improves employee efficiency

See how Docusign is helping organisations respond to COVID-19

Momentum Live Europe 2020

At Docusign, we have mobilised to accelerate critical agreements needed for healthcare, emergency services, education, small business lending, work from home, and doing business remotely.  We are dedicated to focussing on what matters most; helping every business and every individual adapt and overcome this crisis. 

With that in mind, Momentum Live 2020 will include presentations from European companies who are adapting to “the new normal” in ways that not only keep business going but also: 

  • reduce costs
  • accelerate results

The future of professional work is unlikely to revert to how it was before. We are likely to see increased flexibility in how people get work done - and a decreased need for face-to-face interaction. Learn how you can embrace new technologies to prepare, adapt and position yourselves to overcome the current challenges and the ones we will inevitably face in the future. 

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In 60 minutes, and with speakers from Santander, Schneider Electric, TeleDoctor24 and Generali, as well as Docusign’s experts, the event will cover topics including:

  • best practice and critical use  
  • live demos 
  • future-proofing your business

Get inspired with the best of what others are accomplishing with Docusign. Working together, we can all adapt and overcome. 

Register here to join us for Momentum Live and find a path to faster, more efficient ways of doing business.


Daisy O'Malley Glynn
Marketing Communications Specialist