Ron Hirson introduces Docusign Agreement Cloud to London community


The Docusign office in London was buzzing with activity earlier this month, as customers, partners and employees gathered for the local unveiling of the Docusign Agreement Cloud. Launched globally in March and reported in the media, this suite of over a dozen new products has been met with excitement globally. The latest of our regular community gatherings was the perfect opportunity to gain feedback from our customers locally, and to discuss the future for digital agreements.

Business is run on agreements - and they are everywhere,”

Chief Product Officer Ron Hirson, visiting from Docusign's San Francisco headquarters, led a group of senior executives in guiding more than 150 visitors through new product additions to the Docusign suite. For those not familiar with Ron, his innovation credentials are eye-watering. With over 20 years experience in product development, Ron is something of an inventor with more than 100 patent filings and 67 issued. So, he was the perfect Master of Ceremonies for this local premiere of the Docusign Agreement Cloud, representing a new category in cloud computing.

A company's system of agreement often makes it harder for them to do business


Business is run on agreements - and they are everywhere,” began Ron. He reminded us our “system of agreement” powers our business, drives business activity and delivers a record of our successes, risks and commitments. But, so often that system is broken. It's rife with manual fail points. The agreements themselves, widespread across the organisation, are often unorganised, out-of-date and difficult to process.

Following last year’s £220 million acquisition of SpringCM, Docusign has built a wealth of functionality into its new suite, reaching far beyond e-signatures. This suite of 12 products and 350 integrations, addresses a global marketplace worth in the region of $50 billion.

The Docusign Agreement Cloud addresses every key stage of the agreement process

Together with Olivier Pin, VP Product Management for Docusign's international business, and Jamie Bothwell, Head of EMEA Marketing, Ron guided the Docusign community through some highlights:

  • Docusign Gen for Salesforce is a new way to Prepare agreements. It delivers a smooth interface for quickly spinning up contracts and sales orders right inside your Salesforce opportunity. The live demo for this feature took the audience through the ease with which you can generate documents. Using Docusign's unique “conditional logic”, this product dynamically scopes your contract template and shares it with your customers from within Salesforce itself. The product lets salespeople focus on sales and not on paperwork.
  • Docusign Identify is a powerful platform for verifying that those completing your contracts are exactly who they say they are during the Sign stage of the agreement process. Accommodating a wide variety of ID documents such as passports, driving licenses or ID cards, a machine learning-based algorithm validates identities in seconds, so you can get on with transacting business.


  • Docusign Click, also a Sign stage solution, is for businesses that need to capture individual online consent in high volume. It addresses the GDPR-sensitive issue of website clickwrap agreements like Terms of Use, not only providing a simple-to-use mechanism for website visitors to agree, but also complete tracking and easy-to-manage version control.
  • Docusign Total Search by Seal is the answer to our customers’ requests for a better way to Manage the thousands of agreements any organisation might have distributed across its archives. Total Search is the result of Docusign’s $15 million investment in Seal Software earlier this year. It allows users to discover and amalgamate its agreements and analyse them, for a specific clause for example, using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Get in on the community action!

The evening concluded as always with giving the Docusign community an opportunity to network and discuss what they had just heard with other customers and our team, in an informal setting over drinks and canapés.

If you weren't able to make it to this month’s event we hope to see you next time.