Qwil Messenger cuts contract signing down to 10 minutes with Docusign


New contract workflow, and integration with Salesforce helps UK professional chat service scale across the globe

In one unique instant messaging app, similar to those we use in our personal lives, Qwil Messenger gives clients the ability to chat and share documents with all their professional services in a fully secure and compliant way.

With the implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the growing focus on data security, Qwil Messenger helps professional and financial services ensure conversations between their staff, clients and partners remain confidential – where each user’s identity is verified and data is hosted in the required jurisdictions.

Understanding that email is a thing of the past, the company provides all the benefits associated with what is the most popular and fastest growing form of electronic communication globally.

The Challenge

Within a few clicks, Qwil Messenger can be deployed instantly around the world as well as cater for companies of all sizes – from a small 10-person financial team and their clients to the thousands of employees and customers commonly seen in an asset manager.

The big challenge facing Qwil Messenger was not knowing how many subscriptions a customer required after the initial offer period or when the contract was up for renewal – especially when the purchase was made online. Qwil Messenger found itself needing to go back-and-forth with customers to manually check and rewrite every contract before updating in Salesforce, which restricted Qwil Messenger’s ability to meaningfully enter the small-medium enterprise market.

Top Benefits Achieved
  • Contract signing and deployment reduced to as little as 10 minutes
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and processes
  • Data capture that is 100% up-to-date and accurate
  •  Slick and professional customer experience

Qwil Messenger needed a solution that streamlined its contract workflow and integrated with Salesforce in order to effectively scale its business.

Laurent Guyot, Chief Finance & Revenue Officer at Qwil Messenger said; "Despite driving a lot of efficiencies within Salesforce, we needed an integrated solution that streamlined and automated the contract workflow. Not only because it was important to remove friction for our customers, but because we needed to guarantee that all the information in our CRM was up-to-date and accurate."

The Resolution

Having considered a variety of solutions, Guyot explained how the ability to manage the contract lifecycle – from generation, to in-term upgrades, renewals and even payment handling – led to Qwil Messenger adopting Docusign in 2018.

We honestly thought that what we wanted to achieve was impossible, let alone in a single package. But after I heard about the Docusign Agreement Cloud, I remember calling our CEO and saying ‘we’ve solved it!

Docusign’s eSignature solution and Salesforce work hand-in-hand. Once Qwil Messenger sends an electronic “envelope” containing an order form, all required information can be directly completed or amended by the customer. The in-form formulas allow for subscription numbers to be updated, immediately re-calculating a revised cost. This substantially reduces the back and forth normally associated with amending subscriptions. At the point at which a customer completes and signs the new agreement, they can simultaneously pay via credit card to complete the sales cycle in a single step.

Furthermore, there’s no need for manual reconciliation of the new terms of the contract with the Salesforce account record. As the information is updated and agreed within Docusign, it’s automatically reflected in Qwil Messenger’s Salesforce records so that the two are always completely in sync. Which allows the customer to proceed with identity verification and setting up their own branded Qwil Messenger tenancy.

In the same way we want customers to have a seamless on-boarding experience, we’re determined to help make our employees jobs easier and keep any manual intervention to a strict minimum.

Guyot continues; "With Docusign, any company who enters a sales agreement with Qwil Messenger can hit the ground running – irrespective of whether data came from a web form or a face-to-face meeting.”

The Key Benefits

Since implementing the new contract workflow five months ago, Qwil Messenger has helped its customers significantly accelerate the time it takes for them to deploy its chat service. According to Guyot, “From completing the contract to deploying our service, Docusign enables our customers to undergo this whole process in as little as 10 minutes — anywhere in the world.”

“This is unheard of in B2B sales, especially when you consider the amount of regulation our customers are subject to. We also no longer have to invest time, energy and resources in pursuing customers and manually updating different databases, which means our employees are freed-up to do more business critical tasks.”

Working with organisations in the UK, US, Europe and Australia it was essential for Docusign to cater for Qwil Messenger’s global customer base – allowing them to sign anytime, anywhere and on any device. “We’re no longer getting bogged down by bureaucracy” said Guyot, as Qwil Messenger is now able to complete and sign documents legally, error-free and in minutes.

From completing the contract to deploying our service, Docusign enables our customers to complete this whole process within 10 minutes — anywhere in the world.”

Laurent Guyot, Chief Finance & Revenue Officer

So impressed with the ability of Docusign to introduce added efficiency into agreement-based processed that Qwil Messenger is partnering with Docusign to embed its signing solution into the Qwil customer offering, through their mutual APIs. This means any organisation using Docusign will be able to send envelopes directly through its secure channel and within context of a conversation instead of an email.

In Conclusion

The success of Qwil Messenger led to the company deciding to integrate Docusign into its own chat service.

Reflecting on the migration, Guyot said, “Given our size, team culture and morale is critical. After winning a new customer, the last thing you want to get in the way of celebrating success is a time-consuming contract. With Docusign, we’ve made the experience for our customers and employees so seamless that contracts are no longer seen as the end of something dry – but the start of something special.”