Why you should integrate Docusign eSignature with Workday

Using the right HR automation tools can create a smoother employee experience while contributing to digital transformation in the workplace. That’s why we partnered with Workday, a cloud software that allows you to track employee data, oversee financial accounting, manage expenses and more. The Docusign for Workday integration, which is part of the Docusign Agreement Cloud, transforms HR processes by integrating Docusign eSignature into any core Workday business function.

Interestingly, the Forrester study, The State of Systems of Agreement 2019, reports that employees lose 29% of candidates due to inefficient HR agreement processes. It’s a risk that’s simply not worth taking. Improving the agreement process improves retention rates and leads to happier employees.

The Docusign for Workday electronic signature integration is a type of HR automation software that can improve the entire recruitment and onboarding process for employees. It helps to save time and reduce errors during the agreement process. Eliminating paper and manual processes also makes sure you’re doing your bit for the environment, too.

Read on to discover 5 further benefits of the Docusign for Workday integration.

  1. You can send employee offer letters

When you’ve finally found the right candidate, and you want to send an offer to them, it sets a good impression if the process is seamless. It’s an exciting time for both the candidate and your company, and the process should be a positive one.

The Docusign eSignature and Workday integration allows you to create and send digital offer letters. Your candidate can review and sign instantly on their computers or a mobile device directly from Workday. This integration prevents candidates from waiting around for an offer to arrive in the mail, and also means HR teams don’t need to input data manually to multiple systems.

From candidate NDAs and offer letters, to policy updates, and more, this software is 100% digital from end to end and it can transform the agreement process for HR.


  1. It reduces turnaround time

The ability to send an offer letter digitally significantly reduces the turnaround time between offering and accepting. It can remove several steps from the process:

  • It increases the speed of the entire process from alerting the employee of an offer, adding approval signatures from internal departments and notifying all interested parties when each stage is completed.
  • It eliminates the need to print, sign and prepare an offer letter for mailing.
  • It eliminates the physical process of mailing the document for both the HR team and the candidates.
  • It eliminates the need to scan in signed paper documents.
Docusign for Workday integration



  1. It leads to better onboarding and HR workflow automation

The Docusign for Workday integration allows teams to customise and streamline the onboarding process. The entire process can be automated, and the workflow can be tailored for time-sensitive documents. Educating new employees on the company policy and organisational culture is much easier.

Completed forms are transferred to a central, secure and easily accessible repository.

On your employee’s first day, you can spend less time on paperwork and more time creating a fantastic employee experience. Because it’s your employees that truly matter.


  1. It eliminates manual data entry for HR


The Docusign eSignature and Workday integration are tools that can help your HR department work more efficiently and effectively, and you can get an immediate return on investment by introducing these tools.

Not only does the software reduce paper-based costs and increase turnaround times, but it also removes the time the HR team spends manually adding information to contracts that already exist.

The Docusign for Workday integration also automatically pulls candidate information into standard onboarding documents, increasing HR productivity.


  1. You can track employee forms

The sheer number of records involved in a new-employee hire can be overwhelming. Tracking them all can be near impossible. Add in all of the necessary compliance regulations, and even the most seasoned HR executive could spend hours organising and checking forms for accuracy.

With the Docusign for Workday integration, forms receive a tamper-proof virtual seal after they’re signed. You will also get an easily traceable audit trail, so you can ensure your business stays compliant during each step of the onboarding process, without any extra work. What’s more, a dashboard updates you with the current status of the applicant’s contract so they can be tracked easily.

Docusign and Workday Integration.

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