How to Use Docusign CLM with ServiceNow

Contracts are at the heart of nearly every relationship, and multiple departments are involved in most contract processes. For common contracts such as a vendor non-disclosure agreement (NDA), a master services agreement (MSA) and third-party contracts, several teams often need to transfer information from the contract to other systems to kick off related workflows such as onboarding a vendor. However, the systems each of those departments uses aren’t often connected to one another, which can waste time and lead to errors.

Legal, procurement, HR and IT teams use ServiceNow for the submission, approval and fulfillment of a variety of requests. Increasingly, these processes also include the need for document generation, collaboration and legal approval of contracts. By integrating Docusign CLM with the ServiceNow Platform, these teams can accelerate and automate the end-to-end contract process, without switching systems.

Streamline ServiceNow workflows with Docusign CLM Spoke

The Docusign CLM Spoke allows customers to streamline contract workflows and complete processes, saving time and increasing employee productivity. The Docusign CLM Spoke is now available in the ServiceNow store.

  • Start a CLM workflow from within the ServiceNow Platform. Transfer data directly from ServiceNow to CLM to generate documents and contracts with accurate data.
  • Add documents such as third-party contracts in ServiceNow directly to a CLM workflow. In addition, users will be able to receive negotiated and completed documents back from CLM to ServiceNow.
  • Get data back from CLM into ServiceNow in the event that any terms changed during the negotiation process and you need to make updates in ServiceNow.
  • Check the status of workflows in CLM and transfer audit history from CLM into ServiceNow.

How does the Docusign CLM Spoke work?

Imagine the procurement team wants to onboard a new vendor. After adding the basic information about the vendor into ServiceNow, the first step is to have the vendor sign a NDA.

The procurement manager can request the NDA contract from within ServiceNow and choose the correct vendor. Because the vendor contact information is already in ServiceNow, Docusign CLM automatically generates the NDA contract and pre-populates it with the correct vendor information.

Docusign CLM then sends the NDA for signature by the vendor. When the vendor signs the NDA, the procurement manager will see the updated status in ServiceNow and the signed NDA is now available as an attachment.

Learn more about the Docusign CLM Spoke integration with ServiceNow and download it in the ServiceNow store.

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