How can HR create less paper and more efficiency?

Learn how digital tools like e-signature allow HR departments to automate internal processes such as payroll management, recruiting and onboarding.

Technology budgets are increasing within corporate environments under the premise of guaranteeing more agility, efficiency and better experiences. However, some areas have become hostages of traditional paper processes – and HR is one of them.

Countless folders with dozens of sheets of paper are still part of the reality of most HR professionals, but anyone who is involved in this routine knows the risks of not getting the necessary information or signatures correctly. Not to mention the related expenses of printing copies, logistics and the like.

Create more HR efficiency and 100% compliance

Digital tools allow HR departments to automate internal processes such as payroll management, recruiting and onboarding. It is already possible to evolve into a digital HR department without sacrificing compliance.

Digital solutions are able to optimise their daily tasks with simplicity and security. In this picture, one of the innovations that brings the most immediate benefits to this area is e-signature.

For companies with employees in different locations or who work on-the-go, the adoption of e-signature and digitised processes can be a watershed moment.

Imagine that every document, which would have been printed, signed and saved in a folder to then take up storage space can now be just one more digital file stored in the cloud. That is, all new hire paperwork, contractor agreements or employee policies, for example, no longer need to accumulate piles of paper or require time for analysis and management by the HR team. On top of this, there’s the elimination of loss, damage or inaccuracies so commonly found in paper processes.

Making HR processes paperless

Within this scenario, Docusign offers more agility and free time for HR professionals to focus on strategic actions that will directly benefit their company. It also increases employee productivity by reducing the number of documents that are not-in-good-order.

In addition to keeping all documents stored in the cloud, you can easily check and access them from any device, create tags and sections to make it easier to search for contracts and forms, and ensure that documents are signed on time.

Being able to send, receive, approve and manage files from anywhere, with or without Internet access, is also an integral part of the transformation offered by the platform.

From this, it becomes increasingly clear that companies that do not modernise in the near future will soon lag behind. It's no wonder companies like E.ON and Virgin Holidays are already using Docusign in their respective HR departments.

Your company can be the next to digital transform its HR department. Take a free trial to learn how Docusign can help create less paper and more efficiency.