How Arm is benefiting from eSignature and CLM

Momentum 2021 - Customer Success

At this year’s Momentum, we reviewed the innovation we’ve seen over the last year, through customer interviews, demos, panels and breakout sessions. Here we delve into how Arm, the company whose chip designs are in 90% of mobile devices, started using Docusign eSignature and later added Docusign Insight (AI-based analytics of a contract repository), Docusign CLM, and Docusign Click (clickwrap agreements).

Read on to hear from James French, Delivery Director at Arm, and Jamie Bothwell, VP of EMEA Marketing at Docusign—or watch Momentum in-full, on-demand.

Can you tell us a little bit about Arm and your role at the company?

Arm is one of those companies that not many people know about. We design and develop licenses for computer chips largely into the mobile market. So we're in about 90% of mobile devices which means our technology reaches about 70% of the world's population.

I look after commercial data—how we use data about our customers, sales, products, to help us make business decisions optimise our internal processes thinking about where we're going to go to the market. 

Before that, I worked in the organisation's commercial flow, where we do the deal-making. About four years ago, I was responsible for our lead-to-cash process. At that time, a lot of our processes were still very paper-driven. No one liked it, we tolerated it because we're a low volume business—we do high value deals with a relatively modest number of customers. However, these deals were highly complex and involved a lot of negotiating back and forth. 

People had gotten used to these traditional ways of working but as our business was changing and we began thinking about how we go to market. We started that with a new programme called Arm flexible access which was targeted at much smaller companies and needed to be much simpler in the way that went to do the deal with those companies.

And that's when you started using eSignature—how did that go?

Yes, exactly, because we needed to drive down the cost to serve and make that process a lot quicker end to end we thought about ways that we could bring in more of an online experience. eSignature naturally fit into that—taking the paper out of the processes and allowing us to automate an awful lot of our end-to-end processes, which meant we went down from weeks or even months for doing a deal down to a matter of hours, which was a huge benefit to that particular business model.

And then you moved on to Docusign CLM as well?

That's right, we still had that traditional business that involved negotiation, so we thought—’how can we bring some of the things that we learned from using the eSignature into that space’? That's where Docusign CLM fits in. 

Working with Salesforce as a platform we use Docusign CLM from contract generation, through negotiation all the way through to the eSignature process. This creates an end-to-end contract workflow on the system, allowing us to automate a lot of the processes after signing as well, which means that our customers get our products much, much quicker.

You’re using Agreement Cloud products in a lot of different departments at Arm, could you quickly run through a few more?

Docusign Click

We use Docusign Click for our Academia Research Programme. Here, an agreement is needed really quickly, this contract needs to be executed and kept on the Arm system. Using Docusign Click is amazing for that. 

Docusign Insight 

I mentioned that we have a huge history of paper documents—Docusign Insight is a great way for us to extract the information intelligence from those documents using AI. We can do this in mass and really quickly—it is a fabulous product, enabling us to exploit the intelligence from those documents.

It’s amazing to hear how you’re using all of the Agreement Cloud products across so many different parts of the business from Sales, to Research, to Legal and even a few more that we haven’t mentioned. Is there anything else you’d like to add about what you’re thinking about next? 

We have colleagues who are working in Procurement—they’re using eSignature to help deliver agreements to their vendors. Additionally, our HR team is thinking about ways that they can use eSignature to streamline the onboarding process for our future employees. 

We use it in a lot of different ways and places. It’s really helping us to think more imaginitely about where we go next. 

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Product Spotlight - Click, Insight 

What is Docusign Click?

Docusign Click provides a simple and legally compliant clickwrap solution for capturing agreement acceptance at scale to help support your growing agreement needs. For a variety of use cases such as terms of service, privacy policies, end user license agreements and more, companies frequently capture simple acceptance with a clickwrap, the legal term for an agreement presented on a website or application requiring users to assent by clicking a button or checking a box.

What is a Clickwrap agreement?

Agreements that have their origins in software licenses, which traditionally were contained with the software inside a box shrink-wrapped with clear cellophane, are called "clickwraps." On a website or application, the same type of agreement is shown to the user who then must click an "agree" or "I accept" button to assent to the agreement terms prior to accessing the product or service. Today, clickwraps encompass a broad range of agreement types extending beyond end user license agreements.

What is the difference between the Docusign Click Signature?

Docusign Click has functionality outlined in detail below that is developed to support simple acceptance needs – clickwrap agreements and acceptances. Companies will leverage the Docusign Click product for simple use cases that involve static agreements where content does not vary user-to-user and are embedded in a website or application with no recipient routing.

Companies will leverage the Docusign Signature product for more complex use cases that involve dynamic agreements where content varies user-to-user, require routing to one or more recipients and other advanced functionality.

Learn more about how Docusign Click can help you accelerate business by watching the video below: 

Product Spotlight - CLM

What is CLM (contract lifecycle management)?

Contract management has a number of elements, such as contract creation, execution and analysis to maximise the operational performance of your business and cut financial risk. It can offer a number of advantages, notably the time and money saved through generating, reviewing, approving, signing and renewing contracts, as well as the additional risk management capabilities introduced by the process.

CLM lets you automate the agreement lifecycle. Introducing contract management can drive positive change and rapidly improve productivity across an organisation. Contract management solutions remove manual processes, spreadsheets and emails and transform them into a digital automated workflow. In 2020, Docusign CLM (formerly Spring CM) was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management

Learn more about CLM by catching up on Momentum and see how we’ve brought CLM, Insight and Analyzer together in a typical scenario where a contract needs to be negotiated as part of a sale.  


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