How to stay motivated and productive while working from home

How to stay motivated and productive while working from home

Many businesses are embracing working from home (WFH) as they work to digitalise their organisations and to work as efficiently as possible.

If you are working remotely and you just can’t seem to get into your usual work groove, here are some tips to boost your motivation and increase your productivity.

Wake up early

It can be tempting to stay in bed all day when you work from home, but you’ll be more productive if you get up and start your day as you normally would.

Get out of bed, shower, eat a good breakfast and get dressed. Conduct your morning routine as normal. Use the time you’d normally spend travelling to the office to leave the house and get some fresh air. Some people even find that wearing clothes they would normally wear to work  helps them get their head in the game and prepare for the day.

Organise your day

In order to effectively work from home, each day will need structure to avoid jumping from project to project as it’s easy to get distracted when you work from home. Setting deadlines and working toward goals will help you stay productive through disruptions. So, make a schedule, and once you’ve created it, stick to it.

Make sure you give yourself breaks throughout the day to keep your brain engaged and increase productivity.

Define your workspace

Find a space away from distractions to set up your computer and anything else you need. This doesn’t need to be an elaborate office, but make sure that it’s uncluttered. A simple desk and comfortable chair can help you stay on task and organised.

Though sitting at a desk might not be as cosy as your couch, you’ll have better focus. It’s really important to use a specific space in order to separate your ‘home life’ from your ‘work life’. Now that you are at home, lines can become blurred.

Stay active

Exercise and workplace productivity go hand in hand. Working from home is extremely sedentary and requires minimal movement. You could easily go through your day only taking a fraction of the recommended 10,000 daily steps. This could be harmful to your health and has a huge impact on motivation and discipline.

The benefits of exercising are always worth it. And, with an abundance of resources available at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to access every form of exercise you could dream of – from yoga to karate.

Check in with your colleagues

It can be easy to feel like you are working alone when you work from home. However, although this might be true physically, don’t forget about your colleagues who are also working at home or in the office. Slack is a real-time instant messaging tool that helps you stay in touch with colleagues and collaborate across teams, departments, offices and countries.

Use productivity software

Simplify your workday by using the best technology.

  • Zoom video tool

Zoom is a video and conferencing tool is incredibly easy to use on your laptop, mobile or desktop. You can share screens to work through a presentation together; you can even hold conferences for up to 10,000 people on the platform.

Access the office filing cabinet where you securely store, manage and share all your work-related files using cloud-based platforms. It’s perfect for remote workers – you can access and share files from your laptop or mobile, wherever you are.

  • Docusign eSignature

How does business keep moving when people can’t sign documents? Docusign eSignature is the leading electronic signature solution, enabling you to get your agreements signed no matter where your recipients are. Docusign eSignature is  -binding, simple to use, and it eliminates the hassle of printing and sending out contracts for signature.

Finally, be patient with yourself.  Working from home can be challenging and it can take time to adjust. But by following these tips, you can make it the best and most efficient work you’ve ever done.

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Daisy O'Malley Glynn
Marketing Communications Specialist