Docusign eSignature Mobile Updates: Signing Experience, Document Search and More

We’re continuously improving the Docusign eSignature mobile app to keep you signing, sending and managing agreements on the go. In response to customer feedback, we’ve recently launched three new features to make it easier to search your documents, correct information after an envelope has been sent and sign all your documents in one single transaction. 

Don’t have the app installed? Download the free Docusign eSignature mobile app to check out these new features on mobile.

Here’s a look at the new features we introduced this quarter:

Updates in the signing experience

Sign next prompt: Have more than one agreement to sign? After finishing signing a document, you will automatically be directed into any other document that requires your signature. No need to return to the home tab nor open a new link in your email. This feature allows you to sign everything from one place in one swift movement through your documents. (Available on iOS and Android)

Sign Next feature in DocuSign

Updates for sending documents

Making corrections: After sending an envelope, did you realise something was missing or incorrect? By using the ‘correct’ feature, you can change recipient names, emails, tags and documents of the envelope you just sent. To assure that recipients are getting the most updated version, this feature locks the envelope so it can only be accessed after you finish or discard any changes. (Available on iOS and Android) 

Autofill contacts: When sending out a document, typing out the recipient’s name and email is now quicker with autofill contacts. You can utilise this feature by typing the recipient’s name and suggestions for the name and email will appear based on your iPhone contacts. (Available on iOS and Android) 

Updates for improved efficiency and security

Search: Are you looking for a specific document but are having trouble finding it? Our new search feature allows you to comb through your envelopes in a matter of seconds so you’re able to act on agreements from the mobile app. You can search by the name of the document or by date, with options like last week or last 30 days. (Available on iOS and Android)

Search in DocuSign mobile app

Password manager: Security is extremely important to us, which is why we added seamless sign-on capabilities with iCloud Keychain and other password managers. This integration allows you to save your Docusign password on your phone or password management app to automatically populate when you are logged out of your Docusign account. (Available on iOS and Android) 

SSO into support site: Single sign-on for Android allows users to automatically access without further authentication. This page provides users with quick access to a variety of Docusign support assistance including Docusign community, Docusign University, and more. (Available on Android only)  

Excited about these new features? Login or download the free Docusign eSignature Mobile App to take advantage of these updates. 

By Sarah Haslem, Digital Business Marketing Intern