Docusign Enhanced Plans: Benefits of upgrading for your small business

In this blog we take a closer look at:

  • What is a Docusign enhanced plan? 
  • 6 Benefits of a Docusign enhanced plan

Now that electronic signature technology is becoming commonplace, it is likely that your employees have created their own personal Docusign eSignature account from a Docusign standard plan. This is great for personal use but problems can arise if your employees are using these personal accounts for sending contracts to customers in your organisation. It can be difficult to monitor, control and streamline your businesses agreement processes when everything isn't coming from the one place.

For example, an employee may create an agreement for electronic signing but it may not accurately reflect your company's brand and what's worse, it may also unknowingly bypass critical security and compliance protocols. Another thing to consider is that, should an employee leave your organisation, all agreements executed under their eSignature account are their property, meaning you don't have the legal right to originals or copies of the documents.

Upgrading to a Docusign Enhanced Plan is a great way to put these concerns to rest for your company—while at the same time creating a more efficient, secure, and frictionless signing experience for employees and customers alike. 

What is a Docusign enhanced plan?

Docusign Enhanced Plans are designed to make your small business life easier. The upgraded plan also gives you Expanded Account Usage and access to a customised support system. This means you get a dedicated Account Team who’s available to help you make changes, customise your systems, and integrate your solutions - quickly and seamlessly

6 Benefits of Enhanced Plans for your small business 

#1 Consistency across your agreement actions

A Docusign Enhanced Plan gives you the tools to create a consistent, secure, and legally binding signing experience for everyone involved in an agreement.

Branded document templates integrated with this Docusign web plan make it easy to apply your company’s visual identity—your logo and colours—to all your documents and related workflows, including reminder emails. Customers benefit from a familiar look and feel they trust, while employees benefit from quick access to time-saving templates. After executing a document once, they’ll never have to re-enter a recipient’s data on contracts, invoices, and purchase orders again.  

#2 Centralise contract information

A Docusign Enhanced Plan lets you manage user permissions for employees and third parties, oversee contract terms and billing and safeguard agreement data—all from a single location.

 For even stronger control, with this Docusign plan, you can add new users and enforce secure access management across all your corporate applications with Single Sign-On (SSO), which lets employees enter sign-in credentials just once for a variety of tasks.

Use Docusign Enhanced to easily track the status of contracts across your business, as well as search or analyse archived documents. 

#3 Speed and simplicity

A Docusign Enhanced Plan includes access to tools for speeding and simplifying the signing experience, including: 

  • SMS text reminders as notice of real-time signature needs sent directly to client mobile devices, enabling customers to quickly sign documents from wherever they are. 
  • Guided forms that provide a step-by-step, mobile-ready experience to help your signers complete long or complex forms.
  • Click-to-agree functionality with Docusign Click provides an easy way to capture (and track) customers’ consent to your company’s standard terms and agreements—such as your privacy policy— on your website.
  • Integrated payments functionality with Docusign Payments allows you to collect credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and other payments at signing. 

“Salespeople love the fact that [with Docusign Enhanced Plans] they can send a contract on their own and close it on their own, and not have to go to Legal. From a sales perspective, that’s something that they want to see through, to close their own sales cycle. Docusign has definitely provided that empowerment—which is huge.” —Prabhjeet M., Contracts Manager, Tune Inc.

#4 Stringent security contained compliance

Security is an ever-present concern for any small business. Thankfully, Docusign Enhanced Plan integrates stringent protocols directly into the signing process. 

Available with our Enhanced Plans, Docusign ID Verification gives you a variety of choices for verifying signers’ identities before granting access to documents for signingincluding verifying a government-issued ID such as a driver’s licence. Built-in support for verification standards such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) help you further lock down security. Our Enhanced Plans also support European security regulations, including eIDAS

#5 Supercharge your daily productivity apps

Save even more time and reduce error by using pre-built Docusign API plans to integrate your agreement workflows with the productivity apps your business already uses, like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Slack, and Salesforce. 

Seamlessly launch Docusign eSignature from within each of these apps, and directly send documents for signature without having to switch back and forth between environments.

#6 Dedicated account service, 24/7 support

A Docusign Enhanced Plan assigns a designated account team to your business to help you customise a path forward that meets your specific needs. Docusign Customer Support is available 24/7 by phone, email, or chat. Maximise your configuration, get help with onboarding, or work with Docusign’s IT experts to digitally automate your entire contract lifecycle with these advanced solutions.  

Whatever your business needs, Docusign Enhanced Plans have you covered.

Ready to redefine how your small business sends and signs? Contact sales here and mention Docusign Enhanced Plans.



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