Digital Identity in the UK - Photo Verification

Digital Identity verification available in the UK

If you’ve ever opened a bank account or applied for a loan online, you’ll know that digital identity verification with a photo ID is a necessity. The high value of financial transactions and regulatory compliance means that identity verification needs to be strong to prevent fraud. Traditionally, ID verification involved visiting a bank or building society branch and handing physical ID over such as your passport or driver’s licence. In today’s society, customers expect to transact digitally, and this type of delay in a loan or mortgage application process can be a deal-breaker for customers. Docusign ID Verification removes the manual steps in verification in contract and agreement processes. It allows you to verify identity digitally within the agreement workflow.

Docusign ID Verification

Docusign ID Verification is a digital and mobile-friendly way to verify a signer’s identity using a government-issued photo ID. This verification process ensures that the customer experience is frictionless, and verification doesn’t interrupt the experience your organisation delivers. Digital ID verification is part of the Docusign Identify family of products, which includes phone, access code, SMS and knowledge-based authentication options for easier and more secure completion of agreements. It allows you to automatically verify a signer’s government-issued ID or European eIS on any device.

Why do you need digital identification?

More sensitive or higher-value agreements certainly need an extra step in the process as there is often more at stake. In some regions of the world, a stronger level of identification is mandatory for any electronically-signed agreement to be considered legally enforceable. But sometimes, manually verifying an ID in person isn’t practical or possible. Digitally transforming this critical part of the agreement process—especially when the next step (signing) is already digital—not only makes sense but also makes business possible. Compared to manual ID verification, Docusign ID Verification is equally secure but far more convenient. Discover the answer to all of your Digital Identification enquiries in our Q&A.

What are the benefits of digital ID verification?

Docusign ID Verification is part of the Docusign Agreement Cloud, which helps organisations digitally transform the way they do business via contracts and agreements. The Docusign Agreement Cloud comprises of a suite of innovative applications and integrations to improve virtually any system of agreement. Below we highlight a few ways that Docusign ID Verification helps prevent fraud and improve compliance while still enhancing the customer experience.

  • Delivering digital agreements with the speed and convenience customers expect

Speed and convenience were ranked the highest in research from PwC that demonstrated what consumers value most in their experiences. Manual identity verification is a slow, inconvenient process, but Docusign ID Verification allows signers to quickly and easily verify their identity. Signers can use their passport, driver’s licence or national identity card by uploading a picture from their computer or using their mobile device to take and submit a photo of their document. It’s available 24x7, wherever and whenever signers find the time, so there is no need for them to attend appointments in person or stand in line.

  • Use the Docusign Identify API

The Identify Platform is an open API framework, so if your company has invested in another identity verification or authentication tool, you can also use Identity Platform’s open API to integrate the tool into the agreement workflow, so that signers can identify themselves in a familiar, convenient way. You can configure any type of identification process into Docusign eSignature workflows.

  • Automate and connect the agreement workflow

Automating and connecting the identity verification process as part of the overall agreement workflow means even faster agreement completion and better customer experiences. Docusign ID Verification is fully integrated with Docusign eSignature, the world’s number one way to sign electronically. 

  • Reduce risk while increasing conversion rates

A 2020 Experian report on global identity and fraud found that security is the most important factor for customers making online transactions, with 88% of consumers saying that their perception of a business is improved when there is investment in the customer experience, including security.

The inability to identify customers is contributing to higher fraud losses for businesses which creates a lack of trust for customers. Using ID Verification reduces business risk, builds customer confidence, and supports legal validity and compliance with regional regulations. Digital ID verification can all be completed automatically, with fewer errors than manual processes.

  • Do business across the globe with Digital Photo ID

ID Verification frees you to do business in countries where you may have no physical office, and it ensures agreements are legally enforceable and compliant with those regional identification processes. Currently, ID Verification supports government photo IDs from the US, UK, France, Germany and Canada. For businesses operating in the EU, Docusign also supports popular eID schemes such as BankID Sweden, BankID Norway, iDIN in the Netherlands and Finnish Trust Networks in Finland and plans to quickly expand coverage globally to support even more country-specific identification needs. Discover more about the types of electronic signature requirements in different countries.

How does ID verification work?

ID Verification works to ensure only valid identity documents are recognised. It analyses alphanumeric data and other unique information contained in an identity document to check the document’s validity. Then, it ensures the name on the agreement matches that on the identity document, so that only the correct individual can view the agreement. With ID Verification, you’re protecting not only your business but also the people being identified. 

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