The five most popular benefits for employees in SMEs

What benefits should SMEs offer employees?

At a time of skill shortages and economic challenges, the Human Resources Department is under great pressure to find new talent and to hold on to it when they find it. It is, therefore, all the more important that they position themselves as an attractive employer and offer added value to their employees beyond the work and salary. 

Particularly small and mid-sized enterprises SME’s are often confronted with a lack of resources which then makes it difficult for them to offer their employees the same scope of benefits compared to larger companies. Read on to discover what benefits also work for SMEs and what benefits are particularly appealing to employees. 

Five ideas for employee benefits at SMEs

In order to be able to keep up with large companies, small and mid-sized companies should also be able to offer their employees additional benefits. Various benefits may be suitable, depending on the personal circumstances and priorities of the employees. Some benefits are generally favoured and will be much appreciated by most employees. These are the five top benefits:

1. Health care and health measures as an employee benefit

For a long time, occupational health insurance was only an option for large companies – but the insurance companies are now following suit and now also offer SMEs the chance to attract high achievers with occupational health insurance. It is an add-on to the statutory health insurance which closes gaps in insurance coverage.  Even if an SME cannot afford to take on the costs of health care, there is still participation in the premiums. Fitness studios, yoga hours and massages are often requested – and also promote employees’ work-life balance.

2. Flexible Workplace Arrangements      

Flexible working models such as hybrid work, a four-day working week and flexitime gives employees more leeway in their everyday planning and, in the long term, bring more satisfaction. Working from home (‘WFH’) and similar models are therefore already the standard in many companies. It is a simple way to meet the needs and preferences of your employees and, for example, also to support young families in better managing their job and family. 

3. Paid free time is a popular employee benefit

Paid leave such as holiday, sabbaticals, sick days and personal days can help to maintain employees’ work-life balance. In this way, you can counteract stress and burnout and also strengthen the relationship of trust with your employees.  

4. Professional development, the win-win employee benefit

The offer of opportunities for further education such as training, conferences and workshops helps your employees to build on their abilities and advance their careers. It also gives you the chance to nurture the potential of your employees and further develop the skills of top talent     

5. Profit-sharing and recognition for employees

Even if you do not have the results that enable you to pay out a large bonus, profit-sharing offers a fair option for allowing all employees to participate in the success of the company. SMEs can recognise and reward employees for their work and services, for example with bonuses and promotions.

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