5 essential tips to help you work remotely

Remote work tools can increase productivity, promote better collaboration and help keep business running smoothly while allowing individuals to work away from a traditional office environment.

Whether you're hiring remote freelancers or giving your team some space during the holiday period or their dreaded commute, the right remote working tools can ensure your team remains active and can deliver their goals despite the disruption.

In this post, we reveal five essential tips and tools to help your team work remotely.

1.   Make remote meetings easy with Zoom

Your team can collaborate remotely with Zoom, the video and conferencing tool. The reliable cloud platform uses screen sharing and lets you connect with your team through video, offering the benefits of in-person communication. Zoom can handle a meeting with multiple people in multiple locations. It can even handle a digital conference; there can be up to 1000 video participants or 10000 viewers.

You can use Zoom globally from mobile, desktop and laptop. It makes it easy to set up a meeting or attend one wherever you are.

2.   Collaborate with Slack

Slack is a real-time instant messaging tool that helps people securely collaborate across teams, departments, offices and countries. It enhances productivity and fosters team collaboration, ensuring communication isn’t lost in email. What’s more, Slack allows organisations to set up channels by topic.

Topics can be set up by team, project, client, depending on what’s relevant to your business. It also has options for direct messaging and private groups. You can drag and drop PDFs, images, videos and more directly into the platform. Whatever you’re working on, it’s quick and easy to receive instant replies and feedback. And, it has a searchable archive of history, so you can access any communications such as messages or files, at any time.

3.   Share documents with G Suite

G Suite, which integrates directly with Docusign, brings together Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and Calendar in one place in the cloud. You can use the variety of tools to create what you need and easily share and communicate your work with colleagues and store your files. Shared calendars let you see when others are available and it’s easy to collaborate on documents, slides and spreadsheets. Plus, all updates are saved in Google Drive, so everyone has access to the latest version of your file.

4. Sign your agreements and contracts with Docusign

Using Docusign eSignature helps you sign agreements on the go, and eliminate paper. There’s no need to post or print documents, or any requirement to be in-person to obtain a physical signature. Docusign eSignature lets you send, sign and track any document from any device wherever you are. Docusign also offers online signature apps native to every major mobile platform.

Signing contracts remotely with eSignature is a legally valid way for multiple parties to sign documents. Docusign eSignature is part of the Docusign Agreement Cloud™, which has the most comprehensive set of applications to digitally transform your entire agreement process.

It's great for developers too. Enable your users to complete contracts, open accounts, set up and confirm deliveries, and finish employment forms in minutes directly from the app.

Integrating Docusign’s easy-to-use, secure capabilities into your apps with the Docusign Mobile SDK is fast and simple—you can build your first prototype in less than an hour.

5. Manage, share and view your files from Box

You definitely don’t need to access the office filing cabinet if you use Box. You can securely store, manage and share your files and photos using the cloud content management and file sharing service. Remote workers can access and share files from desktop or mobile, whatever their location.

With the Docusign integration with Box, you can create a document, edit it, share it and send it for electronic signature directly from your Box account. You can then save that document in Box for secure storage and sharing.

Do you and your team work remotely?

It’s easy to get set up for remote work with these essential tips and tools.

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