3 Reasons CISOs Can Trust Docusign

Putting your trust in someone—or something, like a business—requires a certain leap of faith. But before taking that leap, it’s best to have as much information as possible. Building completely trusting relationships takes time, yet we can’t simply pause our lives and businesses while waiting.

As consumers and professionals, we constantly share valuable information digitally. It’s a necessary risk we take to keep things moving forward. We trust that our data will be protected and secure, even under the threat of constant cyber attacks.

At Docusign, we’re keenly aware that our customers and users take this leap every time they use our tools to sign and manage everything from a one-page contract to enterprise-scale agreement workflows. People simply won’t use our tools and technologies if they don’t trust that we’ll protect their most critical information. We take the responsibility of trust and security extremely seriously. It’s the lifeblood of our business.

But trust goes two ways. Just as businesses trust us, we also need to have faith that all the vendors and partners in our ecosystem are just as committed to security as we are. We hold not just ourselves, but all our partners to the highest security standards, ensuring that our broader ecosystem is something we can trust, and verify. We’re open and honest about our security practices and we expect the same in return. 

This is so much more than reading the fine print of an agreement. Trust is about building and nurturing relationships, adopting stringent security practices and promoting an attitude of radical transparency. 

The Chief Information Security Officer

While everyone plays a part in security, increasingly the buck stops with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Sometimes called Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Chief Trust & Security Officer (CTSO), this person is ultimately responsible for eliminating or mitigating risk—ensuring the protection and security of the company’s virtual and physical properties. No matter the exact title, this role now carries some of the most critical organisational responsibilities in an increasingly digital world. 

Every day the cyber security landscape becomes more challenging for companies to navigate. This elevated risk impacts the entire business and its bottom line, not just its technology, and has elevated CISOs to a prominent and integral voice in business and operational decisions. While CISO reporting structures are varied across organisations, they now more commonly stand separate from technology teams, often reporting directly to the CEO, and include board-level visibility and accountability.

The CISO is a key decision maker in who will join their ecosystem—the trusted inner circle of vendors and partners. They’re certainly not alone in these decisions. Teams from across their organisations—including security, risk management, compliance, procurement, privacy and legal—all help evaluate the security levels of companies, tools and technologies before a decision is made. 

If you’re looking to digitise and automate any part or all of your system of agreement—the collection of tools and technologies used for preparing, signing and managing transactions and documents—you’ll likely have to convince your CISO that Docusign is trustworthy. We can help. 

CISOs can trust Docusign

Customers trust us with their most sensitive data, and we’re fiercely committed to protecting it. We’re committed to being transparent about exactly how we do it, so there are no surprises. Here are three reasons why you—and your CISO—can trust us to be a critical part of your agreement ecosystem:

1. World-class protection and risk management

Trust is more than just a feeling. Yes, there’s a leap of faith involved, but we want the foundation of our relationship with you to be based on rock-solid security principles. To this end, we’ve implemented policies, standards, processes and training to ensure we continue to meet or exceed the highest international security standards. We have dedicated security professionals embedded in every aspect of our engineering, technology and development teams, while specialist intelligence and investigations experts monitor our systems and data around the clock.

Your privacy is of utmost importance, and we manage your data with your informed consent. In addition to complying with global privacy regulations, we conduct regular internal privacy practice audits and require all employees to undergo data-handling training.

Leveraging the Docusign Agreement Cloud also helps you mitigate risk by digitally transforming and automating manual and potentially error-prone processes. Digitising your agreements lets you keep track of them in one place, with full auditability, reducing version control vulnerabilities and increasing visibility into the actions taken on your agreements.

2. Global reach and acceptance

Used for more than a billion transactions in over 180 countries, our eSignature solution ensures your agreements are globally accepted and legally admissible. Combined with rigorous signer identification, signature authentication and enhanced privacy and security features, your agreements are valid and court-admissible. 

We highly value integrity in all of our relationships, and we care just as much about the integrity of your agreements. Our technology automatically tracks and maintains a time-stamped record of every viewing, printing, sending, signing or declining activity. And as soon as the agreement is fully executed, it stays secure and encrypted. If someone downloads it, we secure it with a tamper-evident seal. Then we wrap it all up with a Certificate of Completion that provides full details about the signing process.

3. High availability

Obviously, having airtight security and compliance for your digital agreements is critical. But if the system keeps crashing, that can erode trust just as quickly as a security breach. We give our users a smooth, seamless experience that simply works. 

Our resilient infrastructure ensures that we’re ready when—and where—you are, with continuous availability across the globe. Our public Trust Center offers real-time visibility into our consistent uptime, and lets you report any issues for quick resolution. You can count on our service to conduct business from almost anywhere, on nearly any device at any time. Even during a catastrophe, our data replication and built-in redundancy ensure your data is safe and available. 

Take the leap

Docusign is fully committed to helping organisations digitally transform their agreement ecosystems. We know change can be difficult. Entering into agreement with others, sharing your critical data and expecting that all parties will act with integrity takes a combination of preparation, commitment and, of course, trust. 

We aim to make that final leap the smallest and easiest part of the equation, because we’ve got everything else covered. We’re looking to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with you and your CISO through open and honest communication. Transparency inspires trust; you can trust that we’ll be a steadfast and secure foundation of your agreement ecosystem.

For more information, check out our Trust Center.

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