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As a P&C carrier, your success depends on signing up new policies, maintaining accounts and handling claims better than your competitors. Waiting on paper signatures can put revenue and your reputation with your customers at risk. Join more than 600 insurance companies, including three of the world's five largest insurers, and automate document flow with DocuSign.

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Reduce costs for staff time, shipping and paper

DocuSign saves you significant staff time because documents are sent for signature instantly, enabling clients to finish the signing process faster. If your clients need to update account information, the system captures all required instructions. DocuSign helps you dramatically cut costs for paper, ink, faxing, couriers and overnight shipping.

Grow revenue by getting policies signed faster

The time it takes applicants to complete underwriting documents using ink and paper puts you at risk of customer defection, especially if your competitors can complete the process faster. With DocuSign, applicants complete and sign documents in minutes, and without errors, so your cycle time comes down dramatically with less chance clients take their business elsewhere. Your staff can spend less time tracking down signatures and trailing documents and more time focusing on sales.

Process claims quickly

DocuSign can streamline the claims process, so your trailing documents are completed in hours instead of days. You'll shave time off claims resolutions, which can be the difference between relieving an anxious customer's concerns and allowing the claim to escalate. This will improve your reputation with clients while limiting your claims exposure.

Eliminate incomplete forms

DocuSign goes beyond simply collecting an electronic signature. Documents, data and signatures go straight into your back-end systems, eliminating scanning or manual re-keying, and incomplete forms are sent back to the signer, so every form is 100% complete. Data fields can be collected, captured and verified at the point of signature, and loaded directly into your system for downstream use.

Thrill your clients, brokers and agents

DocuSign is accessible on all devices, including PCs, smartphones and tablets. DocuSign supports iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Clients get a faster, easier and more convenient way to interact with you, no matter where they are. You and your brokers and agents will have more satisfied clients, more referrals, and more time to focus on building your business.


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