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Better contract management

A toolkit for evaluating CLM software
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Why modern businesses need CLM

Contract lifecycle management software makes it easy to create, negotiate and execute contracts. CLM tools also serve as a central, searchable repository to store contracts for easy retrieval. Plus, they reduce errors and risk by automating steps in the contract process.

Organisations with CLM solutions report 50% less time spent on contract generation. And an 80% reduction in time to completion.

Make contracts less work.

Get the guide to CLM

The CLM Toolkit

Get up to speed on everything you need to know about contract lifecycle management, from basic to advanced.

Building a business case for CLM

Make a compelling case for why CLM software is a worthwhile investment at your organisation.

Trends in contract management

Contract management best practices are always evolving. Get the eight current trends.

How does your contract process stack up?

Consider the state of contracting at your company and get recommended next steps.

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The ROI of CLM

The power of contract automation

Contact management software empowers companies to work more efficiently.

Calculate the value of CLM

Get a high-level estimate of how much value a CLM tool can add to your business.

Forrester Total Economic Impact

Discover how a composite organisation can earn an ROI of 356%, according to DocuSign commissioned analysis by Forrester Consulting.

How customers use CLM

DocuSign customer Genesys logo and customer story

Handle growth with ease

Learn how Genesys shortened contract processing time by 50%.
DocuSign customer Unilever’s logo and customer story

Transform procurement contracting

Find out how Unilever reduced contract drafting times by 80%.
Read the Flexential customer story

Shorten your sales cycle

Discover how Flexential shortened sales cycles by 25% with contract automation.


Learn more about contract lifecycle management

How to choose the right CLM software

Five essential criteria to help you make the right decision.

Contract lifecycle management 101

Get the must-know contract lifecycle management basics, from implementation to everyday management.

Connect CLM to your tech stack

Know the practices for contract management system integrations.

Explore contract management with DocuSign CLM

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