InfoTrack, a leading SAAS technology innovator, is central to the buying and selling of property in Australia. It simplifies a complex process into a secure ecosystem of integrated solutions that provide one seamless workflow.

In 2018, InfoTrack embedded Docusign into its electronic signing tool SignIT to provide a seamless experience for its Practice Management System (PMS) integration partners and their clients. 

“We chose Docusign because it’s the most trusted brand, especially in a market that didn’t feel comfortable with eSignatures at the time,” explains InfoTrack Head of Product Kristy Bullock.

“If you’re selling a property, the vendor and purchaser need to sign a contract. Partnering with Docusign and moving the signing process to an electronic environment has significantly enhanced the experience for all parties involved through accessibility and ease of use,” she says.

Showing the value

Whilst InfoTrack has long been a champion of technical adoption, the impact of COVID-19 saw many industries transition from manual to digital processes almost overnight. This wasn’t an easy progression for some, but InfoTrack was ready to lead the charge and assist those where necessary.  

“Our industry needed a solution. And luckily, we had something in place that we’d built years prior,” says Kristy. 

InfoTrack launched an award-recognised initiative the ‘Transition to e-Conveyancing COVID-19 Care Package’ to provide support to those who needed it most. 

“During COVID-19, there was a lot of uncertainty. Professionals began the uneasy task of working from home and this heralded the requirement for a transition to digital solutions.” 

The Care Package that InfoTrack released allowed professionals’ complimentary access to a range of their digital solutions that would help alleviate the stress and pressure of transitioning to remote work. Adoption of the package was significant, with 785 firms taking up the offer. 

Since this point in time, their client base has continued to embrace the solutions that were part of the Care Package. InfoTrack has seen a 38% increase in customers using their solutions from 2020 to 2021.

“Our initial objective was to support the industry to adopt and pivot during an uncertain time. However, we have seen much farther reaching impacts that continue to transform our industry. Professionals have begun to preference electronic signing, over the traditional approach. This long-term behavioral change would not have been possible without our Docusign integration,” says Kristy.

Automation reduces waste, saves time and money

Throughout the property transaction processes, multiple documents require signatures from the different parties involved. Prior to electronic signing with Docusign, the process was laborious – printing, signing, scanning, and sending. 

“For those involved in the process of buying and selling property, taking a manual signing approach meant an enormous amount of resource was wasted. Firms were losing money, not just through the time spent by staff undertaking this massive administrative burden but also by squandering precious office supplies,” adds Kristy. 

InfoTrack now simplifies and automates the process by digitising the entire workflow for its clients. 

The integration of Docusign and the quick response to customer needs have made InfoTrack stand out in a crowded market. 

“We have a strong customer base of 8,500, many of whom are using our electronic signing solution SignIT which is powered by Docusign. Those who have adopted this technology, continue to see the benefits in transitioning to a digital workflow. We will continue to champion this adoption within our industry and find new ways to innovate our solutions,” says Kristy.

Innovation helps with client retention 

The solutions that InfoTrack provides are all about improving efficiencies and simplifying workflows.

“Our clients can see the advantages of adopting innovative technology – they can action items more swiftly and aren’t restricted to being behind a desk. They are able to do business, literally on the go from anywhere, so critical tasks can be moved forward and responded to in the moment,” says Kristy.

This responsiveness is a benefit not only felt by InfoTrack clients, but also their own client base. 

“InfoTrack clients are given the freedom and flexibility to send documents for signing, wherever they might be. This means that property transactions can swiftly move forward, ensuring the satisfaction of their clients in the process and retaining a positive client relationship,” adds Kristy. 

Moreover, InfoTrack also works closely with clients to build and develop products to suit their ever-changing needs. 

For instance, temporary legislation implemented during COVID to allow remote witnessing has recently become permanent. In response to this amendment, InfoTrack quickly developed a solution to support clients in transitioning to remote witnessing.  

In terms of the future, Kristy adds that InfoTrack will continue to focus on innovative solutions that improve client efficiencies, helping them to save money and time through technology.