How GLP saves time and reduces carbon impact with Docusign

  • 50%

    Faster to get contracts signed and processed
  • $70K+

    Saved each year through digitising paper-based processes
  • 11,000

    Pieces of paper saved each year

Founded in 2009, GLP is a leading global business builder, investor, developer of logistics real estate, data centres, renewable energy and related technologies. With almost 4,000 employees worldwide, the organisation owns and operates assets and businesses in 17 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

GLP is passionate about implementing strategic measures that drive value for its customers and investors. After COVID-19 sent staff into remote working environments, it spotted an opportunity to streamline its documentation processes with Docusign eSignature, delivering significant operational benefits whilst aligning to the organisation’s sustainability vision.

An urgent need for change

GLP has a range of corporate agreements across its organisation that require signatures from a diverse mix of stakeholders, from company directors to operational staff. That includes a large amount of HR documentation, which is sent to new and existing employees on a regular basis.

Before Docusign, the organisation processed documents manually by printing documents in hardcopy and obtaining in-person sign offs before scanning the document to be stored in softcopy versions. This was time-consuming for the organisation’s staff, keeping them from more strategic business initiatives.

These paper-based processes also had a significant environmental impact. GLP is committed to making sustainability a core component of its business, focusing on key environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) topics where it can create the most positive impact. Its previous method for documentation management was largely paper based, making these workflows a priority that needed to be addressed.

When COVID-19 hit, GLP’s teams quickly shifted to working from home environments. This made manual scanning and signing even more difficult, as it could no longer be done centrally in an office environment. It knew something needed to change, so it got in touch with Docusign to find a more efficient and sustainable solution. 

A faster, more intuitive solution 

After assessing a few electronic document management solutions, GLP employed Docusign eSignature as a standalone tool to streamline the way it handles some of its documentation for internal and external parties. It chose Docusign because of the platform’s intuitive user experience and reputation for security.

Docusign allows GLP’s teams to sign agreements using any digital device, with documentation all stored securely in one place. Docusign proved useful in helping HR teams maintain momentum during COVID, as it supported their more distributed workforce. 

“Docusign allows us to send a soft copy of the agreement, and get a signature using any platform, at any time,” says GLP IT Specialist, Libby Lye. “That was really useful during COVID when you couldn’t get signatures in person. Even now, due to increasing business travel, it helps reduce the lag involved with getting signatures because it’s so convenient and easy.”

GLP found the implementation experience simple and efficient. The organisation ran basic training sessions with their staff, which helped get everyone up to speed in a short space of time. 

“Docusign was easy to set up for the whole team,” Libby continues. “Employees completed some simple training modules and picked everything up really quickly. We had great uptake from those who tried it and it took about 2 months to bring it into the business.” 

Driving productivity and sustainability goals

Docusign allows GLP to process its HR documentation 50% more quickly.

Digitising their paper-based processes also saves the organisation approximately $70,000 per year, due to a reduction in printing, scanning and manually sending documents. 

With much of its signature-required documentation in one place, GLP can retrieve and manage these documents with ease, without worrying about whether documentation has been filled out correctly. eSignature also saves GLP over 11,000 pieces of paper each year, helping the organisation deliver on its sustainability vision.

The success of the rollout has prompted GLP to investigate other use cases for the tool across different departments. That includes the IT department, to help manage procurement agreements and vendor contracts, although the tool’s potential doesn’t end there. 

“Adoption has been great and that’s given us the confidence to roll it out to other departments,” Libby explains. “There are some solid use cases across our legal and financial arms, so our team is also looking at running workshops to bring those departments on board as well.”