How Docusign helped Shootsta to tell better stories

Docusign reduces manual processes while increasing time for Shootsta’s creativity

Launched in 2015, Shootsta is a video tech platform that enables companies around the world to scale their video content through a suite of apps and professional services. 

“We help teams transform the way they communicate with video. Enterprise clients around the world can create quality video cost-effectively because of the scale of our apps and services,” explains Lauren Stephenson, VP of Global Marketing at Shootsta.

Growth has come quickly for the company, as it expanded to three international offices in 2018, followed by another two. It now has five global offices located in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Diego and London.

The rapid scale has also meant the need to hire new staff to keep driving the business forward.

Transformation phase

As a result of COVID-19 and international growth, Shootsta has accelerated its digital processes over the past 18 months. 

Previously relying on face to face relationships and in-person training workshops, the company had to quickly seek partners that could support their transition and improve overall operations.

“We were growing across the globe quickly, and with different teams in different time zones, it was difficult to track everyone,” says Lauren. “There was zero compliance and consistency. We became siloed. Everyone was doing their own thing.”

Shootsta’s strategies were manual, including many PDFs, and no centralised system for contracts.

The company was struggling to sync its operation, thus making it hard for staff to find required material and contracts for clients, partners and newcomers.

“Not only was this an issue internally, but the experience for the client was very disjointed. It was stressful for both sides,” says Lauren. “We wanted to be able to see the bigger picture and have one single workflow that would bridge all business units together.”

Shootsta needed a solution.

Introducing change

In response to the pandemic, Shootsta expanded its offering, helping companies produce podcasts, animations and digital events.

The company also brought in Salesforce as its central source of truth and Docusign to ensure consistency and seamless operations across all global teams and customers.

“Our business has changed significantly since going digital. Before 2020, we were a service-driven, face to face, manual company. COVID-19 has pushed us to accelerate our digital partnerships with the likes of Docusign to improve our entire workflow,” says Lauren.

The outcome

The digital changes and integration of the e-Signature software proved to be an internal and external success. 

Not only did it improve communication and coordination among global offices, but there were also fewer errors and audits. The customers also felt the benefits, as the transaction process was much quicker.

“In each country that we operate, there are different processes, different legal terms and different currencies. Introducing this technology across our entire workflow has created a more seamless operation, particularly for our Finance team,” Lauren confirms.

It also comes down to revenue. Lauren says that it costs the business when teams do work they weren’t hired to do.

“Automating processes can help you get your staff back to doing their job and adding value to the customer,” she confirms.