StashAway adopts a sophisticated signature management process

StashAway has always put technology at the forefront of its trading systems, operational processes, communication strategies and investment frameworks.

Started in 2016 in Singapore, StashAway continues to grow and fill a gap in the digital wealth management space.

Last year was one of transition and adaptation for the technology company. From adapting to remote working, managing COVID-19 disruptions to ensuring its international expansion in the UAE, Hong Kong, and Thailand is as seamless as possible.

Lockdown and restrictions led to an increase in video calls to ensure transparent management. Further, with travel restrictions imposed in Singapore and the lockdowns in various countries, StashAway pivoted to online communication modes.

“We adopted Docusign in 2020 due to our growth, increased international presence and the remote working situation,” explains Michele Ferrario, CEO and Co-Founder of StashAway. “We had grown to a size where it made sense to include a more sophisticated management of signature processes.”

Docusign has helped the wealth management platform to accelerate its business transformation through e-signing convenient electronic agreements.

“Not only can we connect with the signers seamlessly. But, we can also close business deals faster and provide an enhanced customer experience,” said Michele.

Better productivity, faster transaction

Docusign ensures frictionless operations for StashAway employees and partners, wherever their location. The software also provides a solution for signing significant paperwork remotely – imperative during the company’s international growth.

StashAway also saw robust assets under management growth in absolute terms and in January 2021. “We were the first digital wealth manager to announce that we handle more than $S1.3billion,” said Michele. “We reached this milestone in 42 months, faster than the world’s largest digital wealth managers.”

The business transactions could not have been possible without Docusign. Since its integration, StashAway has accelerated its bottom-line productivity.

“The ease and convenience of the e-signatures not only eliminate time-eating paper processes but also speeds up the transactions in a safe and trusted manner,” said Michele.

Docusign has also significantly improved customer engagement and experience, thus strengthening the relationship.

“Introducing Docusign has not disrupted our business as we believe in agility and adaptability,” said Michele.

With the technological support covered, StashAway looks to create a powerful connection with its employees and clients.