What’s the difference between DocuSign and PandaDoc?

Choosing an electronic signature tool is an important step when building an efficient agreement system — particularly given that not all e-signature providers are created equal. In this blog series, we compare DocuSign eSignature with other vendors in the market to help you make an informed choice about the platform that will drive your business forward. 

Today, we’re comparing DocuSign with PandaDoc. For more information, download our ebook, DocuSign eSignature vs. PandaDoc: What’s the Difference?

We’re all for healthy competition here at DocuSign. But when the competition makes bogus claims about DocuSign, it’s time to stand up and defend ourselves. PandaDoc has been quoted as saying, “When you choose PandaDoc as a DocuSign alternative, you don’t have to waste time switching back and forth from numerous tools to build and edit proposals.”

Ouch. And, not true. While DocuSign definitely has different products to manage different parts of the agreement workflow, all of our tools are seamlessly integrated to enable the smoothest and quickest journey from document creation to final signing and storage. Powered by both automation and AI, there’s no time wasted and no need for employees to switch platforms.

Rant over. But while we’re here, let’s look at some of the other ways that DocuSign beats the competition — in this case, PandaDoc — when it comes to e-signatures and contract lifecycle management. 

More reasons to choose DocuSign over PandaDoc

While PandaDoc might get the job done when it comes to e-signatures, DocuSign gets the job done and completes tasks you might not have even thought about. For example, we’ve created a robust toolkit of innovative features to help manage complex agreement workflows. Think customised routing flows, flexible signing groups, and deep integrations to your existing systems — all features that increase the efficiency of the agreement process and boost your ROI. 

Then there are our robust security credentials. Trust has always been at heart of DocuSign’s offering, and for over 20 years we have rigorously honed our approach to ensuring the security of your agreements.

And then there’s AI. Those 20 years of experience also mean that we not only have a unique understanding of how organisations are driven by agreements, but we also have unique insights into the data that powers agreements. We’re taking an experience-driven approach to innovating with AI, applying highly specialised input data about contract terms, negotiations, storage, version control, and more. And, already, we’re delivering exciting AI-powered solutions to help customers derive new value from their agreements.

PandaDoc, which has only been around for one decade, can’t quite match this level of experience.

Panda Docs Comparison Table

Let’s take a look at some of the above features in more detail:

  • Responsive signing. With all your customers trying to tick things off their to-do lists on their phones, responsive signing is a must-have. DocuSign’s responsive signing functionality – which is easy to switch on at the account level – makes life so much easier for document recipients. They don’t have to pinch and zoom on their phones, and don’t risk missing out on seeing a crucial piece of information in the document because they’ve zoomed in on the wrong spot.  
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). DocuSign CLM is a powerful tool to help you prepare, act on and manage your more complex documents like MSAs, NDAs and SOWs. Essentially, any agreement where people may potentially pull out a red pen to cross out clauses in T&Cs will benefit from CLM — it transforms previously manual processes into a digital, automated workflow.

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All your agreement needs in one place

We started with a quote from the competition. Let’s wrap this up with a quote from a DocuSign customer. Beth T said, “I really appreciate how easy and intuitive DocuSign is to use. Its wide range of features makes it a great fit for businesses of all sizes, as I can easily manage tasks with its document templates, authentication features, automatic reminders and powerful analytics tools available in one place.”

“In one place.” Beth sums up the benefits of DocuSign’s incredibly rich and powerful suite of tools beautifully. We’ve built a connected system that creates efficiencies at every stage of the agreement lifecycle. No wonder Forrester estimates that DocuSign CLM customers reduced their contract process time by 83%.

Want to see the benefits for yourself, or learn more about how DocuSign compares to PandaDoc? Download the full ebook or get in touch with sales for a chat about how DocuSign can deliver true value to your business.