What’s the difference between DocuSign and other e-signature tools?

Choosing an electronic signature tool is an important step when building an efficient agreement system — particularly given that not all e-signature providers are created equal. In this blog series, we’ve been comparing DocuSign eSignature with other vendors in the market, including Adobe Sign, PandaDoc and Dropbox Sign, to help you make an informed choice about the platform that will drive your business forward. 

Today, we’re exploring why DocuSign stands above the rest. For more information, download our ebook, DocuSign eSignature vs. Other Electronic Signature Tools: What’s the Difference?

Thinking about making the switch to e-signature? Good plan. Electronic signatures have revolutionised the way that people reach agreement — delivering speed, cost savings and convenience to all parties that need to sign on the dotted line.

But while e-signatures themselves are superbly simple, choosing the right e-signature tool for your business can be a little more complex. See, not all e-signature tools are created equal. You could go with a cheap-and-cheerful option that gets the job of digital signing done, but offers no other benefits. You could go with something needlessly complicated, which ends up sitting unused. Or, you could go with a solution that can grow with your business — like DocuSign.

Let’s take a look at why DocuSign outshines the competition when it comes to e-signatures and the broader agreement process.

DocuSign was built to make agreements easier

Twenty years ago, DocuSign eSignature changed the way people sign documents. In bringing e-signature to the world, we turned a mess of paper, ink, envelopes and stamps into an incredibly simple and seamless signing experience. 

After eSignature, we kept innovating. Our products have expanded into a suite of tools to simplify other common agreement steps, including document generation, ID verification, notarisation, version tracking, storage, search and more. 

More recently, we have incorporated AI into our product. Our AI models are trained on an incredibly rich repository of data about contract terms, contract creation, negotiating, version control and more. No other e-signature vendor has the experience or resources to train proprietary AI language models like we can — meaning our AI-based features are streets ahead in helping you uncover risk, pinpoint specific terms and summarise obligations. 

And then there’s the underlying security of the DocuSign platform. Our brand is built on trust, and our reputation comes from a history of unmatched performance and security standards. Unlike other tools, eSignature has 99.9% uptime with zero scheduled maintenance, and robust security features give you and your team the best chance of avoiding security breaches or costly compliance issues. 

The bottom line? DocuSign helps your business transform every step in the agreement journey. No wonder the list of DocuSign customers includes more than one million global organisations and 75% of Fortune 500 companies.

Comparing DocuSign to the rest

If you’re considering an electronic signature tool for your organisation, then you’ll no doubt be approaching a number of vendors before you commit to a single solution. When doing your research, ask questions like: 

  • How does the tool solve for your agreement workflow today, as well as in the future?
  • Does the tool integrate with the systems and software your teams use everyday?
  • What security measures are in place to protect critical agreement data?
  • Beyond e-signature, what other features are available to help your business save time and money in preparing and managing agreements? 
  • What role can AI play in transforming your agreement process?

And remember, don’t compare tools on price alone. A more affordable tool might end up costing you more down the track when you discover it can’t grow with your business.

For some preliminary answers to the questions above, read our ebook comparing DocuSign to other e-signature tools. Or get in touch with our sales team at any time for a chat about how DocuSign can help transform your agreement system.