We are Docusign: Troy G.

Our “Employee Spotlight” blog series places the spotlight on Docusign employees based in Australia who tells us about why they decided to join Docusign, what they do here, what it’s like living and working in Australia, and more.

At Docusign, we want employees to look back at their time here and say they did the work of their life at Docusign. This week we sat down with Troy Green, Customer Success Architect, based in Sydney to learn more about his career.

Are you originally from the Sydney area?

I am originally from Brisbane. I lived in Melbourne for the past 10 years and relocated to Sydney for the opportunity to join Docusign in July 2018.

What do you do at Docusign?

I am a Customer Success Architect, I provide strategic consulting to clients across their Docusign implementation – this includes owning and driving the success of the customers adoption; assessing, solutioning and quantifying ROI on use cases and advising on implementation best practices.

When and why did you decide to pursue a career in Customer Services?

Having rolled out Docusign with my previous employer, I made the decision to join Docusign as I really believe in the product and the benefits it provides customers digitising and transforming their businesses. The values of the organisation, specifically their focus on the community and environment also align with my personal values.

What excites you most about working at Docusign?

The people, growth and opportunities that exist across the business. Also, the recent launch of the Docusign Agreement Cloud – the product innovation and pipeline is a game changer and very exciting.

What is the best advice you can give to somebody starting a new job in your department at Docusign?

Be open to broadening your knowledge and experience across the Docusign Agreement Cloud. The growth of the business will provide many opportunities to grow and develop your career, whatever path you choose to take.

Why should someone consider working at Docusign and building their career here?

We have a fun culture, with great employee benefits, a fully stocked kitchen and excellent career development opportunities.

What traits do you most admire in your colleagues at Docusign?

Their passion, drive and collaboration. We have a great team culture, where everyone is always willing to help and support each other where they can.

What traits do you think your Docusign colleagues most admire in you?

My can-do, positive attitude and my willingness to get involved with initiatives and projects.

What is the best project you ever worked on at Docusign and why?

A customer in the financial services industry who have recently embarked on integrating Docusign for all loan agreements and associated forms. This has been a very fun project to work across, as we worked with them to rationalise, streamline and simplify their business processes across 60+ documents and processes.

Tell us something about the city of Sydney that you love and that others outside of Sydney might be surprised to hear or not know.

Sydney has some great hidden bars popping up throughout the city, one of these bars I recently went to is Door Knock hidden far below the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD, an as the name suggests you need to knock three times to enter.

If you were not working at Docusign and could do anything in the world, what would you be doing/do next?

I have always wanted to be a Commercial Pilot, one of these days I hope to complete my pilots license.

If you want to do join Docusign where you can do the work of your life, visit our careers page.