In the Year of the Tiger, why not chase these business goals? 

Happy Lunar New Year! As we embark on the Year of the Tiger, it’s the perfect time for businesses large and small to take on new challenges and channel the energy, courage, and tenacity of the tiger. 

Given the tumultuous two years we’ve had, 2022 is your time to reset and focus on the future. Tiger years are typically times of change. Compared to the Year of the Ox, where many of us ploughed on with a business-as-usual mindset, the year ahead is all about boldly embracing new tools, initiatives, and ideas to carry your business forward.   

So, if you’re ready to explore new ways to make more money, close more deals, and become more productive – while ticking off on sustainability goals, too – read on. We’ve got you covered with three powerful business resolutions you can easily stick to by implementing Docusign Agreement Cloud.

1. Save time and money

According to Chinese wisdom, it’s not about how much you earn. It’s about how much you save. We couldn’t agree more – which is why Docusign is all about helping you save money and time. In fact, by switching from paper-based contracts to Docusign, you save on average $36 per agreement. Plus, contracts come back up to 80% faster – which helps with revenue and business growth.

2. Be more productive

Productivity goes hand-in-hand with growing your profits. Helping your teams work smarter and faster will help you grow revenue. What’s more, you could potentially reduce labour costs or get your teams working on more value-added tasks instead of wasting their time on manual, repetitive paperwork. An extra bonus? By eliminating those menial tasks, your employees will feel more empowered and motivated to come in to work each day. 

3. Be more sustainable

We’re passionate about sustainability here at Docusign. Saving the world’s forests has always been a top priority of ours, and we love helping other businesses achieve similarly sustainable, planet-friendly objectives. Since 2003, Docusign has helped businesses around the world replace over 38 billion sheets of paper with digital processes – saving over 4 million trees, 18 billion litres of water, and over 100 million kilograms of waste in this time. 

Every business that makes the switch to Docusign is helping us grow this impressive tally, and you can, too. By reducing your reliance on paper and postage, you’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint in your business, a win for your ESG targets and for the planet.

Get off to a great start this Lunar New Year

While you’re feeling motivated and fresh at the start of the year, make the switch to Docusign. It’s an ideal time to set up new systems and agreement processes, with many customers and suppliers on holidays themselves. Docusign Professional Services is on-hand to help with your implementation so you can hit the ground running. 

Then, when your teams return and your business swings back into gear, you’re ready to start leveraging the cost savings and productivity gains of Docusign. 


To learn more or to give it a test-drive, get in touch today.


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