The ID check you need when your important agreements move online

People today are pretty comfortable carrying out sensitive transactions online. It’s great news for businesses that want to make life more convenient for customers. But it can open up a potential can of worms – with the risk of fraud and non-compliance making many business leaders nervous.

To combat these risks, Docusign has built a plug and play platform that allows signers to connect their identification to the agreement process. Called the Docusign Identify Platform, it helps reduce risk of fraud and non-compliance by adding a secure ID check to the signing process. And it’s as customisable as it is secure – you can configure your branding, choose your accepted types of ID and assign the type of signature you need for each agreement.

With Docusign Identify Platform, your Australian customers can use their Aussie driver’s licence when proving their identification on the platform. It also supports other global photo ID and eID schemes if you’ve got international customers. Based on their selected country, signers choose from a list of ID types and can easily scan and upload their identification into the platform.

It’s all about building trust with your customers and partners, reducing risk and reassuring both parties in an agreement that it’s legally valid and complies with regional standards.  

Key benefits of Docusign Identify Platform

  • Fully integrated with Docusign eSignature – Deliver an end-to-end digital agreement experience for faster completion and increased conversion rates compared to manual processes.
  • Scan and upload government issued identity documents on practically any device Signers can quickly and easily verify their identity with a passport, drivers’ licence or national identity card by simply uploading it from their computer or using their mobile device to take a photo of their document.
  • Algorithmic-based matching of signer name against ID Reduce fraud by ensuring only the correct individual can view the agreement.
  • Analysis of identity document machine-readable zone Reduce errors and ensure document validity with automatic analysis of biometric and alphanumeric data contained within the ID.
  • Supports online eID schemes Ensure agreements are legally enforceable and compliant with preferred regional identification processes.
  • Compliances with eIDAS advanced level signatures Works seamlessly with Docusign’s digital signature offerings to supports achieving eIDAS compliance at the Advanced signature level (this capability requires an additional purchase of our digital signature add-on).

“We want to help businesses get set for faster, simpler and more secure end-to-end digital agreements – so they can grow with confidence by verifying signers, wherever they may be,” said Andrea Dixon, Senior Director, Marketing.

“Docusign Identify Platform makes it easier for businesses to ratify agreements with partners all over the world. Digital agreements are the way forward in the global market and Identify Platform makes it happen seamlessly.”

Looking to lock down your ID processes?

Share this datasheet on Docusign Identify Platform with your leaders so they have an at-a-glance summary of the features and benefits of this powerful ID verification platform. Or contact sales today to get started.

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