The Docusign HubSpot integration just got even better

As any user of HubSpot would attest, the customer platform is built for growth, helping businesses hone in on what matters most: customers. By connecting marketing, sales, content management, and customer service under the one hood, it has all the tools a growing business needs to succeed.

Whether you use just one of its six core products or all of them, HubSpot is all about opening up insights into every contact at each stage in the customer journey. And a big part of the journey? Getting customers to sign agreements.

It’s why we’re so excited about the latest and greatest offering from the whizzes at Integration Glue. It’s an extra-bells-and-whistles integration that “goes over and above the native connector for HubSpot and Docusign, to deliver huge benefits based on real-world client requirements,” according to Integration Glue, a Hubspot integration Partner. 

Your marketing team can use it to incorporate record signing into their campaigns for a more unified customer experience. And your sales team can use it to get real-time notifications and alerts at every stage of the signing process, giving them complete clarity about who’s opened a contract and when.

Plus, with centralised storage of signed documents, you gain more control, better data accuracy and reduced risk of data loss. 

Here’s how it works

Once the integration is in place, it’s super quick and easy to send documents out for signing from HubSpot. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a HubSpot workflow to trigger the sending of documents to Docusign for signing using a custom Docusign workflow action. Specify the original file within the HubSpot file system and who needs to sign the document (both can be set from a property on a record).
  2. This will trigger Docusign to send standard Docusign emails to the specified recipients.
  3. You can specify different groups or orders for recipients to sign the documents.
  4. Failures and successes are pushed back to HubSpot and captured against the original record.
  5. Once fully signed, the Integration gets the signed PDF from Docusign, uploads it to HubSpot and associates it with the original record.

It really is that easy

The new Docusign HubSpot integration enables you to associate documents with specific company or contact records, while giving you the ability to track every step of the signature flow. By keeping tabs on every document and who has engaged with it, you can more easily identify bottlenecks and take proactive action.

Even better, the whole set-up helps to streamline the engagement process and deliver a better customer experience — a win-win for your business.