Sky News Business talks to Telstra and CBP Lawyers about reducing paper and saving money with Docusign

By Brad Newton, vice president, Australia and New Zealand, Docusign

Recently, I sat down with Jon Dee, host of Smart Money on the Sky News Business channel to discuss how Docusign is being used by major Australian companies to digitise the last mile of paper in their businesses.

We were joined by Brendan Donohoe, Telstra Business executive director, solution sales, who spoke about the dramatic impact Docusign’s eSignature technology has had on Telstra’s internal business processes. Brendan forecasted that over the next couple of years, Telstra will save over eight million pieces of paper in contracts alone by using Docusign.

Jon Dee also spoke with Mark Morgan, managing partner, Colin Biggers and Paisley, who explained that prior to adopting Docusign, the contract law firm had been using approximately 5.8 million pages of paper each year. For an apartment complex sale of 250 apartments, 250,000 pages of documentation was required. Docusign has completely eliminated the need for these pages – resulting in a raw cost saving of $85,000.

Digitising the last mile of paper is one of the easiest, most effective and secure ways to transform any organisation and as Mark and Brendan demonstrated, can take huge costs out of a business.

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