Save time and close more deals with Docusign Gen for Salesforce

Every sales team is on a mission to seal more deals, right? If you use Salesforce to manage this process, then you no doubt keep a keen eye on ‘closed-won’ data. That is, the number of deals that have been signed each month or quarter.

As a new datasheet from Docusign shows, it’s possible to accelerate your path to ‘closed-won’ by putting the power of Docusign Gen for Salesforce to work. This app, which is available in the Salesforce AppExchange, seamlessly plugs into your Salesforce instance – essentially eliminating the need for sales reps to manually pull data out of Salesforce to enter into their sales agreements.

Instead, with Docusign Gen for Salesforce, the app does the heavy lifting for you. It automatically finds the right customer, product and pricing data, and then populates a customisable sales form for you send from within Salesforce. This form can include Docusign eSignature to enable full automation of the agreement process.

No more copying and pasting of data from Salesforce into sales documents. No more out-of-date templates or human error. And, importantly, no more frustrated customers left waiting for accurate agreements.

Key benefits of Docusign Gen for Salesforce

The app is designed to save time, reduce errors and close more deals. But it does a whole lot more, too:

  • Seamless merging of Salesforce data – Eliminate data entry errors by automatically pulling in Salesforce customer, product and pricing data.
  • “Conditional content” that customises itself – Instead of managing many templates for different business scenarios, use a single template with conditional content. Based on rules that reference Salesforce data like deal size, the correct content blocks are generated together.
  • Dynamic tables – Generate a quote or invoice that includes properly formatted tables.
  • Drag and drop template creation – Templates are intuitive and easy to set up with in template previews and pre-configured Salesforce data fields.
  • Easy to set up and admin-friendly – Admins can download and deploy Gen themselves – no hidden fees for professional services.
  • Fully integrated with Salesforce and Docusign eSignature – Automate the agreement process before, during and after the signature.

It’s all about helping you leverage the full potential of Salesforce to close deals faster and more efficiently – without having to leave the Salesforce interface.

“Docusign Gen for Salesforce is another great string we’ve added to the bow with Docusign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce. We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements from their preferred platforms. Gen certainly delivers on this goal,” said Andrea Dixon, Senior Director, Marketing.

Ready to get started?

Download the datasheet on Docusign Gen for Salesforce and take it to your leaders to show them why your team would benefit from this powerful automation solution.

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