SalesITV proves that digitising documents delivers fast ROI

By Marcel Pitt, Head of Commercial Sales, Australia and New Zealand, Docusign

SalesITV, a Sydney sales training and coaching company, is known for making it easier to coach, skill and motivate sales growth. They empower sales leaders with the skills they need to be better sales coaches and run highly-productive sales organisations. But, what’s interesting to me is that this is also a company that keeps the same focus on productivity for its internal organisation. You know what they say about the mechanic and his own car? It doesn’t apply here.

When SalesITV connected with us here at Docusign, the company had identified paper as a friction point in an otherwise smooth business flow. And, by applying digital transaction management to that flow, SalesITV managed to cut down document processing time by five hours in many cases. Add that up over a year and you can see why productivity is tracking skywards.

The facts about fax for SalesITV

In the past, SalesITV had scanned and faxed paper copies of contracts, employment paperwork and all other documents needing a signature. They had designed a process by which documents only needed to be faxed or scanned once. Even so, things are rarely that simple. Manual contract changes and the occasional need for multiple signatures sent documents volleying back and forth all over again.

Embedding digital transactions into core business systems

Stripping out a broken process is a bold, but smart, move. It’s hard for people to gain the change mindset when the path of least resistance is to keep doing what you’re doing every day. SalesITV has built a strong brand around changing what you are doing every day, and was quick to embrace the opportunity for change within its own business. It rolled out Docusign for Salesforce, to integrate the digital management of documents and e-signatures into its core CRM. Digital Transaction Management made perfect sense for the company already operating a mobile cloud platform to give stakeholders access to its extensive library of sales and service training content.

Docusign has turned out to be a quick win for SalesITV. The team has dramatically reduced their number of prints, scans, and emails required for documents. There’s no waiting around wondering if they’ve arrived, or been read. Instead, team members can send and automatically sign contracts from anywhere, even on the go using the Docusign Mobile App.

The money shot

The best part of this story is hearing that removing paper-based process has led to a fast monetary return for SalesITV. Based on a $10-$15 cost reduction per document, it calculated a savings of between $5,000 and $15,000 after just two months.

As a welcome byproduct, the company is reporting a 98% decrease in document errors, with all the associated time savings that incurs. And critically for business, its people have more time to focus on what they do best; optimising the success of sales teams around the world.

To learn more about the integration of Docusign for Salesforce, watch the or simply reach out.

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