Q&A with our Docusign Women Co-Chairs, Jacinta Harding and Andie Noon

At Docusign, we’re committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for all of our employees. One way we do this is through our various employee resource groups (ERGs). Docusign Women is just one of them. 

Here, we chat to the two inspirational women leading this group in APAC – Jacinta Harding, Director, Talent Acquisition, APJ and Andie Noon, Senior Manager, Key Account Marketing.

Jacinta Harding  

Jacinta Harding, Director, Talent Acquisition, APJ


Q. First, a little about you. What do you do at Docusign and what do you love most about your role? 

Jacinta: I’ve been at Docusign for five years and it’s been an incredible journey! I lead our Talent Acquisition function across the APJ region, and the growth and scale is like nothing I’ve experienced before. When I started, we had 40 people across the region; today, we’ve got close to 500. It’s been amazing to see the business transform. I love bringing fantastic new talent into the business and giving them the opportunity to experience the success story that is Docusign!

Andie: I’ve been at Docusign for just over three years, working in the marketing team as Senior Manager for Key Account Marketing. I love that my role allows me to work with so many incredibly talented and passionate people across Docusign – every day, I learn something new. I also love how supportive Docusign is. I came back from parental leave earlier in the year and, although it has been a big change, Docusign has been so supportive in my return to work. 

Q. What do you do in Docusign’s Women’s ERG? 

Jacinta: The Women’s ERG is a group of over 100 members – both women and male allies – where people can connect, share ideas, be inspired and create change. To do this, we provide growth opportunities, mentorship and support; and we celebrate the achievements of women. In parallel, we build a community of allies and provide education on the importance of their role as advocates for change.

We organise a number of professional development and learning events throughout the year. We also run quarterly events and workshops to help to increase visibility and awareness across various topics. 

For example, last year, we ran a great workshop in partnership with Meggie Palmer at PepTalkHer on ‘Imposter Syndrome’. This was open to all employees across Docusign and was a fantastic session on banishing the voice in your head that says ‘you can’t do it’. 

Across all our events and workshops, we think about what people want from us as an ERG, and how we can help. Our ongoing goal is to make meaningful change in people’s lives. 

Q. How do you think Docusign creates a workplace that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive? 

Andie: Docusign allows everyone to have a voice. Regardless of who you are or what your seniority is in the business, you know that you will be listened to and taken seriously. If you have any ideas about how to improve the way we work, or if you witness bias, you can speak up and know you will be supported. Docusign’s ERGs are run by employees – our people get to play a part in driving change and inclusivity. 

Jacinta: It comes down to awareness, advocacy and action. The first step, awareness, is about making sure people are aware of the importance of DEI and also educating around where inequalities exist. When it comes to advocacy, we’re fortunate to have many allies across the business who speak up and challenge stereotypes, bias and inequality. We work together to break down traditional and outdated ways of thinking and acting. And, finally, we take action. This starts with bringing the right people into Docusign – people who have DEI at the forefront of their minds, and bring a diverse range of talent into the business. 

Andrea Noon

Andie Noon, Senior Manager, Key Account Marketing.


Q. What does Docusign do to create a safe and inclusive environment for women?

Jacinta: At Docusign, everyone has a voice. Our thoughts, ideas and feedback on what we can do to improve and create change are encouraged. ERGs are an important part of Docusign’s culture, and we are very lucky that we have a large number of male allies who support us and champion for change. 

One of my highlight moments at Docusign was International Women’s Day in 2021. The theme was ‘Choose to Challenge’, and we ran a panel discussion with leaders from across our business. At the end of the event, we asked everyone to make a pledge. It was incredible to see so many men raising their hands and pledging to call out gender bias and inequality when they see it. 

Andie: I can answer this personally. When I went on maternity leave, it was an incredibly vulnerable time. Before that, all I had known was work, having spent 15 years building a career. And then, all of a sudden, I wasn’t working anymore. To be honest, it was really scary. But working at a company like Docusign – which supports both women and men with parental leave – I knew that I would be able to come back to work when I was ready, and get the support that I needed. 

In light of this, I’m so excited about our upcoming launch of a Parent's sub-committee as part of Docusign Women’s ERG. We want to create a space for people with children to connect with colleagues regardless of where they are in their parenting journey, a space where all parents feel supported and not alone.

Q. Can you think of any examples of how Docusign or your colleagues show solidarity with women’s equality?

Jacinta: While we’re focused on hiring the best person for the job, we strive to have a diverse mix of candidates on our shortlists. As an ERG, we exist to give women the opportunity to develop, recognise their potential and remove the ‘imposter syndrome’ that so many of us have. We want to give women the tools to allow them to progress their careers and develop themselves personally and professionally.  

Andie: I remember when we first launched the Docusign Women in APAC. The response we got was incredible. It was amazing to see how many male colleagues wanted to be part of the group as advocates and allies. 

We recently ran an event, the Three Minute Throwdown, where six colleagues of different genders shared their thoughts on some important topics around equality in the workplace. It was a great event, with the different perspectives giving us all a better understanding of others’ circumstances.

Q. How does Docusign compare to other places you’ve worked, when it comes to inclusivity? 

Jacinta: A lot of companies have a tick-box policy. At Docusign, people are genuinely passionate about the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture. Everything we do here rolls up into DEI – it’s one of our core values. Yes, bias will always exist. But Docusign calls it out, and our ERGs help minimise opportunities for it to appear.  

Andie: I’ve worked for many companies that take DEI very seriously – it’s a mandatory requirement for me when I’m looking for a new job. I want to know that the company I work for provides everyone with the same opportunities. 

Q. Why do you think it’s important for companies like Docusign to keep working on DEI initiatives?

Andie: DEI provides an opportunity for continuous education and a clearer understanding of each other. And, knowing that the organisation you work for takes it seriously, it means you always feel supported. There are so many great resources available to us, and I always take the time to educate myself. 

Jacinta: DEI is key to the success of any organisation. People think and approach problems differently based on their own unique experiences, culture and background. Diversity promotes positive change, leading to better decision making, creativity and problem solving. 

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