NEXTDC fast-tracks contracts with Docusign

By Brad Newton, vice president, Australia and New Zealand, Docusign

ASX listed NEXTDC, Australia’s leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service provider, has transformed its business and slashed hours of unnecessary admin by moving its contracts to the cloud with Docusign’s e-Signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) technology.

The introduction of Docusign has been transformative for NEXTDC, an already rapidly expanding and innovative company. In talking with NEXTDC’s group executive customer and technology, David Dzienciol, he told me that the uptake of Docusign by the company has had almost a viral effect, with external business partners even asking to use the technology.

David explained that non-tech savvy execs were suddenly signing contracts in coffee shops, and when NEXTDC’s legal and finance teams saw how much time we were saving, they wanted to use it too. Even NEXTDC’s external partners are now asking if they can use it for their businesses.

The compliance and legal obligations around contract signatures and storage is incredibly time consuming and complex. It wasn’t unusual for NEXTDC’s legal and administrative teams to print phonebook sized documents, post them interstate to be signed, rescanned, and then sent back again. The process took days to turn around, under good conditions. With Docusign, contracts can now be signed by multiple NEXTDC executives across various locations in a matter of hours – saving valuable time and resources.

Docusign’s local presence means we work closely with Australian businesses of all sizes – from startups to enterprise – from every sector and state. With Docusign’s eSignature solution and DTM platform, Australian businesses can lower costs and increase revenue at the same time.