Proving your identity just got easier with Australia’s first ‘100 point’ digital ID service

From opening a bank account to signing a lease agreement, proving your identity has historically been a hassle. Digging out your passport, finding a letter with your address on it, working out how many other bits of ID you need – not to mention having to make a time to go and show it all to the business you’re dealing with – can feel like hard work.

Now, thanks to a groundbreaking new solution from DocuSign and Australia Post, the task of ticking off your ‘100 point’ identity check just got easier.

With this one-step ‘100 point’ ID verification solution, any business that needs to do these comprehensive identity checks can now do it all online, and super securely – meaning that an in-person verification of important documents like passports and birth certificates is no longer necessary. 

Here’s how DocuSign and Australia Post work together

The digital process integrates DocuSign ID Verification with Australia Post’s Digital iD to make it easier and more secure than ever to verify signer identities. It doesn’t matter what the 100-point requirements are – the solution can be used in all Australian states, and by both existing and guest users.

People who have an existing reusable Digital iD from Australia Post on their smartphone can use this ID when verifying their identity on agreements like a new bank account or lease agreement that are prepared and managed using DocuSign. 

If a customer doesn’t have a Digital iD, they can enter the details (name and ID number) of required identity documents – which are then checked against official sources, such as the Government Trusted Digital Identity Framework, which provides the rules and accreditation criteria that digital identity services are accredited against. These new users have the option to create a Digital iD to use in the future, too.

Once verified, users are passed back to the DocuSign eSignature application to complete their agreement. 

A seamless, secure ID check

The integration of DocuSign eSignature and AusPost Digital iD makes it much easier for customers to prove their identity and access an organisation’s services. For the business itself, the solution negates the need to take a copy of every single customer’s ID – helping to reduce the paper and printing burden on businesses.

What’s more, it is highly secure – which is so important when transactions like new bank accounts need to capture highly sensitive, personally identifiable information. This new approach to ‘100 point’ ID verification addresses the security, privacy, compliance and validity requirements for ID verification across Australia.

Keen to know more?  If your business regularly needs to verify customers’ identities, get in touch with DocuSign today to learn more about how it could save your team time and make life a lot easier for your customers.

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