Industry spotlight: Telco company transforms contract gen and management with a simple Salesforce integration

Our industry spotlight series shines a light on how companies solve unique challenges with help from DocuSign’s solution engineers. Here, Fae Ramos shares how a telecommunications company automates quoting, sales order and proposal processes within Salesforce.

As primary providers of internet and phone services to households, businesses, and enterprises every day, telecommunications companies juggle a lot of contracts. There are quotes to small businesses, sales orders to new customers, proposals and pitches to win big business. 

When all these contracts are handled manually, things can turn south pretty quickly. This was the case for a telco in New Zealand. Its manual processes for quoting, sales orders and proposal management raised some significant challenges. Not only were they time-consuming, but all these manual processes were prone to errors — which lead to inefficiencies and potentially lost opportunities. 

The problem was compounded when multiple signers were required on contracts. Manually passing the agreement to different parties proved cumbersome, and telco started to wonder if there was a better way. 

To find out, they engaged DocuSign to explore whether the lack of automation in document management and contract generation could be fixed.

Streamlining systems in Salesforce

DocuSign proposed a solution that would automate the telco’s quoting, sales order and proposal processes within Salesforce. We integrated DocuSign Gen and eSignature with Apex coding in Salesforce to enable seamless document generation, where conditional content merging is selected and automates multiple signature collections. 

Advanced features such as workflow automation and conditional logic were also used to streamline the approval process and ensure the right documents were sent to the appropriate signers based on predefined criteria.

The resulting automations solved the telco’s challenges, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks relating to contract generation and management. By integrating DocuSign with Salesforce, the telco centralised document management and contract generation workflows — which in turn improved efficiency and accuracy. 

Plus, by automating the process, the telco also experienced enhanced productivity and was better able to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations.

By trusting DocuSign — a market leader in electronic signature and agreement technology — this telco was able to tap into our proven reliability, security and scalability; and leverage our robust features, seamless integration capabilities, and commitment to innovation. The result was a solution that addressed their current pain points while setting them up for further growth and digital transformation into the future. 

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Fae Ramos
Lead Solution Consultant